Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2016

Greek sweets or Swiss Schoggi for me?

Geia sas,

"Greek sweets or Swiss Schoggi for me?". Hard to decide, isn´t it?.

 photo SAM_8232_zps3s3cm1yg.jpg

The routing:*

Service Swiss International Airlines LX 1839 operated by HB-IOC

Scheduled:   17.45  //  19.35
Actual:  17.40  //  19.15

This machine operates under the Swissair banner since 07.03.1995 and changed later to Swiss International Airlines

Special stories are also to show here:

And here are the stats:
Leg no. 1372 at all and no. 40 on the Airbus A 321

With all the plane types recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving the "Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Αθηνών Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος", or maybe also the "Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos" soon again, after a couple of dry hours in the city. Heading for the "Flughafen Zürich" on the Swiss biz, sure ok this way. The pictures are also here:

 photo SAM_8208_zpsekalrpkk.jpg

 photo SAM_8209_zps8qv5pwvz.jpg

 photo SAM_8210_zpsn2zfr00z.jpg

 photo SAM_8211_zpsaxrwf9n1.jpg

 photo SAM_8212_zpssx37lo2d.jpg

 photo SAM_8214_zpsd0sk3sge.jpg

 photo SAM_8215_zpswirueoks.jpg

 photo SAM_8216_zpsjqzdhlaw.jpg

 photo SAM_8217_zpsgkyejio3.jpg

 photo SAM_8218_zpsa6ynizap.jpg

 photo SAM_8219_zps1hnglvjk.jpg

 photo SAM_8220_zpsq5sskf0m.jpg

 photo SAM_8222_zpstfcvp55o.jpg

 photo SAM_8223_zpsn1vc9itc.jpg

 photo SAM_8224_zpsvitnqb2t.jpg

 photo SAM_8225_zpscuhg1sda.jpg

 photo SAM_8227_zpszngw4oym.jpg

 photo SAM_8228_zpsjt1rms8e.jpg

 photo SAM_8229_zpsii9ecylr.jpg

 photo SAM_8230_zps9v5icpsz.jpg

 photo SAM_8231_zpsrv3dxlml.jpg

 photo SAM_8233_zpsxfiwqsji.jpg

 photo SAM_8234_zpsklqcmvpf.jpg

 photo SAM_8235_zpscur0vpvd.jpg

 photo SAM_8236_zpsly5irrqd.jpg

 photo SAM_8237_zpsvvjbhiwk.jpg

 photo SAM_8238_zps3tmhlp8w.jpg

 photo SAM_8239_zpsa3zkjjpg.jpg

 photo SAM_8240_zpsrk510bre.jpg

 photo SAM_8242_zpszqzmvbhq.jpg

 photo SAM_8249_zpsiyu1z2x6.jpg

More to come.
Bis bald. The Tripreporter

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