Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2016

The island southern side

Goeden dag,

"The island southern side" and I hope the weather is at it should be in this direction!.

 photo SAM_7975_zpsbxtjpbzr.jpg

The routing:*

Service FlyBe BE 1012 operated by G-JECJ
Scheduled:   09.50  //  10.10
Actual:  10.00  //  10.20

Original we are, with FlyBe in the air since 16.12.2005

Here are two special stories:

And further with the stats:
Leg no. 1363 at all and no. 55 on the Dash 8-400

The early 200 visited airports are here:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving the "Luchthaven Schiphol"  after a short visit again.
For the island we go, to the south, "Southampton Airport" it is.
The pictures are also here!:

 photo SAM_7971_zpso3qede4r.jpg

 photo SAM_7972_zps6gtbsfz6.jpg

 photo SAM_7974_zpsdqpikmlo.jpg

 photo SAM_7976_zpsnkwbwl9r.jpg

 photo SAM_7980_zpss71apg6i.jpg

 photo SAM_7981_zpsuqik1orm.jpg

 photo SAM_7982_zpstqrgf5lu.jpg

 photo SAM_7983_zpsheqik7at.jpg

 photo SAM_7984_zpsshzwodgp.jpg

 photo SAM_7985_zpsl6xurq7h.jpg

 photo SAM_7986_zpse5qvoev6.jpg

 photo SAM_7987_zpshjblza8g.jpg

 photo SAM_7988_zpsi0mfsjsa.jpg

 photo SAM_7989_zpsb0rwlkvg.jpg

 photo SAM_7990_zpsdiv1ki46.jpg

 photo SAM_7991_zpst0qty8oc.jpg

 photo SAM_7992_zps9meysbhf.jpg

 photo SAM_7993_zpsme37etem.jpg

 photo SAM_7994_zpsria6qchh.jpg

 photo SAM_7995_zpstxdsgr1a.jpg

 photo SAM_7997_zpsdanjfbkg.jpg

 photo SAM_7998_zps9ijgauxr.jpg

More to come.
Take care. The Tripreporter

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