Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2016

Something done JAN till MAY 2016?

Something done JAN till MAY 2016?.
Here is the map!:*

Legs total since 1988:  1399

Legs total in 2016:  53

Visited airports: Total 345

Airlines checked: Total 211

Plane types recorded: Total 96

Visited countries: Total 64

And upcoming, hopefully, you know!:

1.) The "other" Warsaw
2.) Bratislava, it´s time finally
3.) Epinal, you never know how long it is possible
4.) How do you spell Szczecin?
5.) The calm corners of party island
6.) Brive, take two!
7.) Fly out for the Normandie
8.) Sunny side up for London
9.) There is something special to go
10.) Is there an airport in Lorraine?
11.) Doncaster or Sheffield, hard to decide?
12.) On the England-Wales link
13.) Autumn sun in Espagna

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