Sonntag, 12. Juni 2016

Out of Amsterdam for something special


"Out of Amsterdam for something special", on the way and further!.

 photo SAM_7897_zpszmtrir6s.jpg

The routing:*

Service KLM KL 1671 operated by PH-BXR
Scheduled:   10.20  //  12.30
Actual:  10.25  //  12.15

One more original, with KLM since 03.10.2001

There are two special stories to show:

Here are the stats:
Leg no. 1360 at all and no. 2 on the Boeing 737-900

Further with the plane types recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The "Luchthaven Schiphol" is the place to fly out right now. And the destination is the "Aeroport de Barcelona–El Prat" to catch something more special.
For sure, a couple of pictures also from Barcelona are here:

 photo SAM_7879_zps4qyu1rn1.jpg

 photo SAM_7881_zpsq5p9rvve.jpg

 photo SAM_7882_zpst6d4c2b6.jpg

 photo SAM_7883_zpsunhvn7rd.jpg

 photo SAM_7885_zpskqcoioft.jpg

 photo SAM_7886_zpsvcsvj7mv.jpg

 photo SAM_7887_zpsbyxlwzdx.jpg

 photo SAM_7888_zpso7kmkb9n.jpg

 photo SAM_7889_zpsvo7ikmxm.jpg

 photo SAM_7890_zpsljs1n2xx.jpg

 photo SAM_7891_zpskob1qoeg.jpg

 photo SAM_7892_zpsbkj6vbfg.jpg

 photo SAM_7893_zps4r9ctqpj.jpg

 photo SAM_7895_zpsfdyijgjj.jpg

 photo SAM_7896_zpsbduznpnv.jpg

 photo SAM_7898_zpsewfa3lex.jpg

 photo SAM_7899_zpszg62mcjs.jpg

 photo SAM_7900_zps9mggjr2r.jpg

 photo SAM_7901_zpsebwzefqg.jpg

 photo SAM_7902_zps41ke8goh.jpg

 photo SAM_7903_zpspkemgpk1.jpg

 photo SAM_7904_zpszejcgugu.jpg

 photo SAM_7905_zpsnne9h22p.jpg

 photo SAM_7906_zps04ppukib.jpg

 photo SAM_7908_zpsp6ebryuf.jpg

 photo SAM_7909_zpsgmfsagyr.jpg

 photo SAM_7910_zpsusclkkcp.jpg

 photo SAM_7911_zpsi1laadiv.jpg

 photo SAM_7912_zpsclyb7t8g.jpg

 photo SAM_7913_zpsakxuewu8.jpg

 photo SAM_7914_zpsinjgmdb1.jpg

More to come.
Adios. The Tripreporter

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