Montag, 6. Juni 2016

Out of London on the BA


"Out of London on the BA" and sure, that means not LHR!.

 photo SAM_7711_zpsv5w2kqrl.jpg

The routing:*

Service British Airways BA 2736 operated by G-GATH
Scheduled:   06.25  //  09.10
Actual:  06.25  //  08.50

This machine is first in the air at 14.06.2001 with TACA and further to GoAir, Mandala Airlines,
Onur Air and British Airways

No special stories are visible

But the stats:
Leg no. 1349 at all and no. 159 on the A320

What about the visited countries?:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

"Gatwick Airport" is the place to leave and "Geneve Aeroport" the place to go.
With just a couple of pictures:

 photo SAM_7700_zpsdaygsqhf.jpg

 photo SAM_7701_zpsxdcyrgyx.jpg

 photo SAM_7702_zpsmh2h04rz.jpg

 photo SAM_7703_zpsw6c5hcz6.jpg

 photo SAM_7705_zpspmbvqq8w.jpg

 photo SAM_7706_zpsl6tmwijh.jpg

 photo SAM_7708_zpsayqdxlvx.jpg

 photo SAM_7709_zpswxvhlkrh.jpg

 photo SAM_7710_zpsscjvdclb.jpg

 photo SAM_7712_zpscqzno8xj.jpg

 photo SAM_7713_zps6r4jed8u.jpg

 photo SAM_7716_zpseedsnrde.jpg

 photo SAM_7717_zpsb30rnjqr.jpg

 photo SAM_7718_zps5kh6nvpn.jpg

More to come.
Au revoir. The Tripreporter

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