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Catched really rare equipment this way

Buenos dias,

"Catched really rare equipment this way". Long ago since I was the last time on this subtype!.

 photo SAM_7353_zpspzuplbzr.jpg

The routing:*

Service Iberia IB 8539 operated by Air Nostrum EC-HHI

Scheduled:    13.55  //  14.55
Actual:   13.55  //  14.50

Original we are, with Air Nostrum only since 25.10.1999

There are no special stories visible

But certainly, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1700 at all and no. 7 on the CRJ100

Here are the latest "Visited Airports" with something new. PNA it is and no. 398 on the map:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Checking the details at the "Aeropuerto de Pamplona-Noáin" now. And, nothing else expected, my place to go is also the major destination here, the "Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas".
The schedule shows me something special. Now we will see.
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_7325_zpssfw43oro.jpg

 photo SAM_7326_zpstwkxpc3v.jpg

 photo SAM_7327_zpsgqyxjslv.jpg

 photo SAM_7328_zpsdt1nezhk.jpg

 photo SAM_7329_zpsfykumxur.jpg

 photo SAM_7330_zpstjec56ro.jpg

 photo SAM_7331_zpsuerk04bl.jpg

 photo SAM_7332_zps8pqf3lyu.jpg

 photo SAM_7333_zpsgcxplqr7.jpg

 photo SAM_7334_zpshotsgzie.jpg

 photo SAM_7335_zps72o1ur6c.jpg

 photo SAM_7336_zpscwim5qg6.jpg

 photo SAM_7337_zps4ref8xkf.jpg

 photo SAM_7338_zpsvocycgrq.jpg

 photo SAM_7339_zpsls04kjdp.jpg

 photo SAM_7340_zpspz4krsyy.jpg

 photo SAM_7341_zpsc2a9qcab.jpg

 photo SAM_7342_zpsgikamzp5.jpg

 photo SAM_7344_zpsin3ljsag.jpg

 photo SAM_7346_zpsadk7mo0j.jpg

 photo SAM_7347_zpsty7ltxal.jpg

 photo SAM_7348_zpsnz9upoqo.jpg

 photo SAM_7349_zps0d1yurdf.jpg

 photo SAM_7350_zpszbjdoooa.jpg

 photo SAM_7351_zpsjmzvm6eu.jpg

 photo SAM_7354_zpstom4jatr.jpg

 photo SAM_7355_zpseys2xrqi.jpg

 photo SAM_7356_zpsgbdvnfct.jpg

 photo SAM_7359_zpsxetnyoax.jpg

 photo SAM_7360_zpsfjbxwejs.jpg

 photo SAM_7361_zpsb8a3wird.jpg

 photo SAM_7363_zpsfcclryvp.jpg

 photo SAM_7365_zpsxxaldltl.jpg

 photo SAM_7366_zpsykuiej03.jpg

 photo SAM_7367_zpsoznbflxa.jpg

 photo SAM_7368_zpsixw9jfba.jpg

 photo SAM_7369_zpsy9aa4aqn.jpg

 photo SAM_7370_zpsimy2w8xh.jpg

Wet it is again at my destination. But anyway, catched a meanwhile in Europe real rare plane type and it´s also a long time ago since I´ve done this. Arrival ontime, not the real pleasant experience later on. Several time changes calmed down the time distance for my next flight, on separate bookings, off course.
An apron parking spot, bus transfer to the main terminal area. Departure from the main terminal was on the new boarding pass, but no, the satellite terminal it is. Down all the way for the ground floor, further on the train, some distance to walk and at the gate. It might be more convenient here!.

More to come.
The Tripreporter.

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