Sonntag, 4. November 2018

Just props on this Regional Jet


"Just props on this Regional Jet". Sounds like a miracle!.

 photo SAM_6876_zpsswxl9xdx.jpg

The routing:*

Service SAS Scandinavian Airlines SK 1257 operated by Nordica RegionalJet ES-ATD 

Scheduled:    14.50  //  15.30
Actual:   15.10  //  15.45

Airside we are with JetTime and Nordica RegionalJet since 06.08.2014

Nothing special is to report on this machine

But for sure, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1682 at all and no. 52 on the ATR72

Here are the early 200 "Visited Airports":

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

"Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup" is definitely not the place for the veg community. Finally decided for the Aspire lounge, paid, but worth it to catch at least no "Polser" or things like this. Heading out now for the "Aarhus Lufthavn".
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_6855_zpsvyxn0fjj.jpg

 photo SAM_6856_zpsvkwqj1lf.jpg

 photo SAM_6857_zpscjmvwnlu.jpg

 photo SAM_6858_zpshwxpmmod.jpg

 photo SAM_6859_zpskao5xy15.jpg

 photo SAM_6862_zps4tqeu0bb.jpg

 photo SAM_6864_zpshycomk7q.jpg

 photo SAM_6865_zpsrdosoeew.jpg

 photo SAM_6866_zpsgqe0uwfb.jpg

 photo SAM_6867_zpseawcuwys.jpg

 photo SAM_6869_zpsafbzvxzz.jpg

 photo SAM_6870_zpsyyedz3uh.jpg

 photo SAM_6871_zpsyjafsen0.jpg

 photo SAM_6872_zpstnz3bujy.jpg

 photo SAM_6873_zpsvoic5jx9.jpg

 photo SAM_6874_zps5i97bdry.jpg

 photo SAM_6875_zpsmyw1sjta.jpg

 photo SAM_6878_zpsaayu5jus.jpg

Starting the outsourcing this way. The Estonian Nordica Regional Jet running not far behind schedule. No problems here for the further day in the air!.

More to come.
Indtil da.
The Tripreporter.

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