Sonntag, 7. Oktober 2018

On the MAU!


"On the MAU". Feel´s definitely like in Ukraine!.

 photo SAM_6636_zpse6hhu5oc.jpg

The routing:*

Service Ukraine International Airlines PS 411 operated by UR-PSS

Scheduled:   11.05  //  12.55
Actual:  11.10  //  12.40

Should I really mention where this plane started it´s career?. Well, Ryanair it was from 07.05.2009 and later on for Ukraine International Airlines

Nothing special is to notice with this machine

But for sure, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1673 at all and no. 117 on the Boeing 737-800

Here is also something new at the "Airlines Checked" map. Air Astana and no. 230:

AIRLINES CHECKED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "Міжнародний аеропорт Бориспіль or also the Boryspil International Airport". Heading just a bit in western direction, for the "Düsseldorf Airport". And the pictures are certainly here:

 photo SAM_6629_zpsfi3i8iry.jpg

 photo SAM_6630_zpsta1kfg2v.jpg

 photo SAM_6632_zpsm1tthnd5.jpg

 photo SAM_6633_zpsngvevwfo.jpg

 photo SAM_6634_zpscafastub.jpg

 photo SAM_6638_zpsmobwnsuy.jpg

 photo SAM_6639_zpsf88nujbp.jpg

 photo SAM_6640_zpsbgfxvvu1.jpg

 photo SAM_6642_zpse0pnakqn.jpg

 photo SAM_6643_zps7ixjppkc.jpg

 photo SAM_6644_zps3k66fgoy.jpg

 photo SAM_6645_zpsa5ccy8n6.jpg

 photo SAM_6646_zpswxffdpv7.jpg

 photo SAM_6647_zpsagxhwubg.jpg

 photo SAM_6648_zpsal5xofho.jpg

 photo SAM_6649_zpsmavcosiq.jpg

 photo SAM_6650_zpscf9zsncb.jpg

 photo SAM_6651_zpsjuz54jgy.jpg

 photo SAM_6652_zpsngohywzz.jpg

 photo SAM_6653_zpssod0mrow.jpg

 photo SAM_6654_zpswod5wibq.jpg

 photo SAM_6655_zpsannotajn.jpg

A well used machine it was. The restoom flush was so loud. Never noticed something like this before. But ok, we know the former operator of the plane!.

More to come.
Bis bald.
The Tripreporter.

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