Samstag, 21. Juli 2018

Two for me by LOT Polish Airlines


"Two for me by LOT Polish Airlines", for sure a good way to start a new trip!.

 photo SAM_5874_zpsp1zamsy3.jpg

The routing:*

Service LOT Polish Airlines LO 412 operated by SP-LNE

Scheduled:   10.25  //  12.20
Actual:   10.35  //  12.15

Original we are, with LOT Polish Airlines since 28.11.2012

No special stories are to report on this machine

But certainly, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1648 at all and no. 12 on the Embraer 195

Here are the Plane Types Recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Some lounging at the "Flughafen Zürich" and shortly thereafter on the way.
On the way for the "Lotnisko Chopina w Warszawie".

A couple of pictures are here:

 photo SAM_5868_zpsq17vnh6x.jpg

 photo SAM_5869_zpslbc9hojc.jpg

 photo SAM_5870_zps4sb1757y.jpg

 photo SAM_5873_zps9aubhqhp.jpg

 photo SAM_5876_zpsbfxcfcqi.jpg

 photo SAM_5877_zpsjcsvyjmd.jpg

 photo SAM_5878_zpscapfbb6y.jpg

 photo SAM_5879_zpsaadlhe8h.jpg

 photo SAM_5880_zps01ew249s.jpg

 photo SAM_5881_zpsoyfnjsot.jpg

 photo SAM_5882_zpsrds9wioi.jpg

 photo SAM_5883_zps8pwxkei3.jpg

 photo SAM_5884_zpsnztahdhv.jpg

 photo SAM_5885_zpsa5ewxen5.jpg

 photo SAM_5886_zps5ogbbrdm.jpg

 photo SAM_5887_zpsb2w3j3ol.jpg

 photo SAM_5888_zps2tmodwcp.jpg

 photo SAM_5889_zpsxdom6ybl.jpg

 photo SAM_5890_zpsv11whplw.jpg

 photo SAM_5892_zps47sdwwzv.jpg

 photo SAM_5894_zpsgcy06uzg.jpg

 photo SAM_5895_zpsqes1uo4x.jpg

The plane not really full, a comfortable two seater for me in the rear of the cabin. Nice staff, at least partially. Ok so far by LOT!.

More to come.
Do zobaczenia wkrótce.
The Tripreporter.

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