Donnerstag, 20. Dezember 2018

Two for me, the exit, please

Buenos dias,

"Two for me, the exit, please". It works, really nice crew here!.

 photo SAM_7269_zpsrbxg8vt5.jpg

The routing:*

Service Air Europa UX 1671 operated by Air Europa Express/Aero Nova EC-LEK

Scheduled:    14.55  //  17.15
Actual:   15.15  //  17.30

Original it is, with Air Europa Express/Aero Nova since 25.03.2010

Yes, there is something special to report here:

And usually, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1697 at all and no. 13 on the Embraer E 195

The "Airlines Checked" are here:

AIRLINES CHECKED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Spend some time at the Sala VIP today. And finally out of the "Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas".
Heading in direction mountains and the "Flughafen Zürich".
With a couple of pictures:

 photo SAM_7252_zps2nkfii5h.jpg

 photo SAM_7253_zps76lzo2r9.jpg

 photo SAM_7254_zps9dnze26v.jpg

 photo SAM_7256_zpsswhezq4f.jpg

 photo SAM_7257_zpsiwkaxcr5.jpg

 photo SAM_7258_zpsp6chyvnt.jpg

 photo SAM_7259_zps67tp0zrb.jpg

 photo SAM_7261_zpsg2mo4spl.jpg

 photo SAM_7262_zpsojgty61c.jpg

 photo SAM_7265_zpssfsbvuvp.jpg

 photo SAM_7266_zpsukix7s1z.jpg

 photo SAM_7268_zpsaabmyrpd.jpg

 photo SAM_7270_zpsdosepw4i.jpg

 photo SAM_7271_zpsptdlnhd6.jpg

 photo SAM_7272_zpsjxpdflyk.jpg

 photo SAM_7274_zps1dtj4vaf.jpg

 photo SAM_7275_zpshkdnhalp.jpg

 photo SAM_7276_zpsywwtiarn.jpg

 photo SAM_7277_zpso2ysrrjy.jpg

 photo SAM_7278_zpskbu5wnhu.jpg

 photo SAM_7279_zpswlkngjn8.jpg

 photo SAM_7280_zpsyxh9snzl.jpg

 photo SAM_7281_zpsalramrvo.jpg

Really nice it was by Air Europa Express/Aero Nova. A close to full flight, two seats for me, the spacious exit row. And nice staff en Espagnol.
Something else this way, but you never know!.

More to come.
Bis bald.
The Tripreporter.

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