Donnerstag, 16. August 2018

This is Loganair, Scotland´s Airline

Hi there,

"This is Loganair, Scotland´s Airline", up the north for something special!.

 photo SAM_6176_zpsivisrru6.jpg

The routing:*

Service Loganair LM 478 operated by G-LGNS

Scheduled:   18.05  //  19.00
Actual:   18.00  //  18.50

This machine is active since 24.11.1996 with Crossair, Swiss International Airlines, Carpatair, Darwin Airline and Loganair

No special stories are to show here

But for sure, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1658 at all and no. 15 on the Saab 2000

Now we see the early 200 Visited Airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Should I stay at the "Port-adhair Eadar-nàiseanta Ghlaschu"?. No, it seems there is more to come, for example the "Port-Adhair Steòrnabhagh" at the Outer Hebrides. Yes, for sure, there are a couple of pictures:

 photo SAM_6166_zpsrgq1l70u.jpg

 photo SAM_6167_zps9wd9el79.jpg

 photo SAM_6168_zpsg0hejjeo.jpg

 photo SAM_6170_zpsspmpaqv5.jpg

 photo SAM_6171_zpsixweob2o.jpg

 photo SAM_6172_zpszmnp4a5k.jpg

 photo SAM_6173_zpszeha7xk4.jpg

 photo SAM_6174_zpsmqdywjm2.jpg

 photo SAM_6177_zpsazfliwvt.jpg

 photo SAM_6178_zps7fqa4uku.jpg

 photo SAM_6179_zpst4rtdlzp.jpg

 photo SAM_6180_zpstz5vvven.jpg

 photo SAM_6181_zpssr88qmzf.jpg

 photo SAM_6182_zpstndafekd.jpg

 photo SAM_6185_zpsr57p6s4t.jpg

 photo SAM_6186_zps01ucoqrz.jpg

 photo SAM_6187_zpsljbw4vxn.jpg

 photo SAM_6188_zps4csz4sgo.jpg

 photo SAM_6189_zpsbrz934aj.jpg

 photo SAM_6190_zpswzupnxak.jpg

 photo SAM_6191_zpsta7zvfvl.jpg

 photo SAM_6192_zps0btslrar.jpg

 photo SAM_6193_zpstfbe4zat.jpg

 photo SAM_6194_zpsonj4fhcp.jpg

 photo SAM_6195_zpswrqs3yn8.jpg

 photo SAM_6196_zps8x2k0v1q.jpg

 photo SAM_6197_zpstsqcwbng.jpg

 photo SAM_6198_zpskj5pwh7b.jpg

 photo SAM_6199_zpsf8h79koh.jpg

 photo SAM_6200_zpsce6yq9jh.jpg

 photo SAM_6201_zpsgn6sxh1b.jpg

 photo SAM_6202_zpsqg98u6ni.jpg

 photo SAM_6203_zpsvehm4rbt.jpg

 photo SAM_6205_zpsorriodh5.jpg

 photo SAM_6206_zps7vwvfybr.jpg

 photo SAM_6207_zpss4jzoujd.jpg

 photo SAM_6208_zps33qvxcs5.jpg

Stunning views on the way, a superb nice landscape.
The Hebrides, call it a place to go!.

More to come.
Take care.
The Tripreporter.

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