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Grüß Gott, again, dear readers,

from the bavarian countryside to the capital and back for somewhere else!:*

Thanx to once more:

Thursday, 13 MAR 2014

TXL (Flughafen Berlin-Tegel Otto Lilienthal)
ZRH (Zürich Airport Flughafen Zürich)

The vid:

Service Air Berlin AB 8198 operated by Belair
Scheduled:  17.05 //  18.30

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And certainly 2015, no question:*

Up for the sundeck it is

 photo DEUMAR2014073_zps55c137e0.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014074_zps78ecc89b.jpg

Definitely worth it today and much better than any lounge here.
Remember it´s early March and we feel 16 sunny degrees
 photo DEUMAR2014075_zpsc08b49ad.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014076_zps9ad4e747.jpg
Down there again much to early
 photo DEUMAR2014077_zpsd7c1610d.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014078_zps69ac5b38.jpg
This leg is fixed with Opodo at 95.00 Euro´s
and at 5.00 pm, short ahead to schedule by the way, we should go for the "Belair" hour from the 3023 meters "Two-Six-Right" ready to leave "Flughafen Berlin-Tegel Otto Lilienthal“.
This is HB-IOP, one of the six A320´s in the actual Belair fleet. No individual name to notice this way and done once before on PMI-BSL, leg no. 116 on type
 photo DEUMAR2014079_zpsa9d1fc72.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014080_zps8b1fe167.jpg
Since 12.02.2010 with Belair and something special is to follow here:

 photo DEUMAR2014081_zpsf6f4e14a.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014082_zps9583de43.jpg
Cabin crew is one middle aged nice woman and three younger guys, all ok.
Service is snacks and free drinks with the routing via STR, never been there, never, at 37000 feet.
Cockpit crew is from Switzerland, the "Pilot" with a nice, experienced style welcome on the ground.
Leaving the capital once more
 photo DEUMAR2014083_zps6f78813b.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014084_zps99bdc4db.jpg
Superb views today from my seat
 photo DEUMAR2014085_zps44c93752.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014086_zps3d29f985.jpg
For the Spandau lakes
 photo DEUMAR2014087_zpse5e7e70f.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014088_zps86636f40.jpg
A view from pole to pole
 photo DEUMAR2014089_zpsfeff6ec1.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014090_zps011e5d1f.jpg
Are you sure, is this really Germany?
 photo DEUMAR2014091_zpsffef26b3.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014092_zps1c71ef08.jpg
Well, trust me, it is!
 photo DEUMAR2014093_zps1acb61d0.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014094_zpse6bdb44c.jpg
Turning for the cars place, at least close to!
 photo DEUMAR2014096_zpse8f9b7fb.jpg
And just some cabin details with the dark blue grey leather seats. Clean it is and the legroom is ok also with a 90% load
 photo DEUMAR2014097_zps37cbf00c.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014098_zps425990e1.jpg
For example a safety card?
 photo DEUMAR2014099_zps688a429e.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014100_zpsea65908b.jpg
A magazine and sure, the legroom
 photo DEUMAR2014101_zps4dff4da4.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014102_zpsc748aaf1.jpg
Now that fit´s to my personal needs!
 photo DEUMAR2014103_zpsfa029bbb.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014104_zps4c3b84f6.jpg
So fast?
 photo DEUMAR2014105_zps13c6160d.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014106_zpsf653fbd6.jpg
Just a little bit further up there
 photo DEUMAR2014107_zpsc924e17d.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014108_zps5759496f.jpg
Modern style it is
 photo DEUMAR2014109_zpsff64f416.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014110_zpse627632c.jpg
Not that far to go till "Flughafen Zürich"
 photo DEUMAR2014111_zpsbdac9df7.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014112_zpsbcf5c44f.jpg
We are on the right way, so it looks like
 photo DEUMAR2014113_zps5eb746c8.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014114_zps5e84b0f1.jpg
Snowy mountains in the distance
 photo DEUMAR2014116_zps5af4b7b9.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014117_zps10fbbf5b.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014118_zps7404015d.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014119_zpsf297d391.jpg
Safely arrived at the 3300 meters runway "One-Four". 6.10 pm, 20 minutes ahead to schedule, clear sky, 18 degrees, now that fit´s perfectly again
 photo DEUMAR2014120_zpsa56b21f5.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014121_zpsdd871dfd.jpg
And also finally safely arrived at Sprüngli Central!
 photo DEUMAR2014122_zps40b197fe.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014123_zps5b1554f1.jpg
Not that far for the car and also the way back to the homebase.

Here are the conclusions:
1.)Eurowings FMM-TXL: Countryside to Cityside
2.)Belair TXL-ZRH: As comfy as it should be this way

And now, well, always these question!.
Starting just a little bit ouf the ordinary way to catch something larger, so it looks like here:

 photo MANENGMAR2014030_zps9b809ed3.jpg

Ade, always take care.
The Tripreporter

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