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Hello and a good day dear readers,

should I really do the famous last leg now?. Well, it seems so!.*

Thanx to once more:

Friday, 21.MAR.2014

LHR (London Heathrow Airport)
STR (Flughafen Stuttgart Manfred Rommel Flughafen)

The vid:

Service 4U 2461 operated by Germanwings
Scheduled:  13.55  //  16.30

Here are just some visited airports:

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And well, just a couple more:

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The checked airlines:

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And also the recorded plane types:

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The visited countries:

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The Tripreporter 2013 data:

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Here is 2014:

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And also 2015:*

So, this is "London Heathrow Airport" Terminal 2, not the most modern place around the world. We will see if we find the way for one more plane or maybe also  a lounge?
 photo MANENGMAR2014167_zps690cf37f.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014168_zps96e4c28a.jpg
Well, so it looks like at gate A2
 photo MANENGMAR2014169_zps5860032d.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014170_zps958696ae.jpg
Yes, this is D-AKNU, the one and only without an individual name, joke, an A319 like on schedule.
Done on the first flight out of DTM once before, leg no. 108 on type.
Since 13.12.2005 with Germanwings and 43 examples are in the fleet actually.

This plane is also well known here:

 photo MANENGMAR2014171_zpsa53f4983.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014172_zpsd760321f.jpg
No, I dislike to be imprisoned
 photo MANENGMAR2014173_zps35e8003a.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014174_zpsdc72b6cd.jpg
Definitely better this way
 photo MANENGMAR2014175_zps8330b6ac.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014176_zps5942dee1.jpg
Cabin crew is all female, one elder, nice talking during boarding, one middle aged, nice, one young, really nice.
Service is BOB.
The ticket is fixed with 4U itself at 109.00 Euro´s.
16 sunny and windy degrees also here. Departure at 2.00 pm, just some minutes late from the 3902 meters "Two-Seven-Right". 1.10 "Germanwings" hours and a view for the cabin
 photo MANENGMAR2014177_zps717d9736.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014178_zps4283637a.jpg
Cockpit crew is from Germany, a nice welcome during boarding from the left hand seat and detailed inflight once again in a nice style. No route info but flightlevel maximum is 39000 feet.
The load is 70% biz and leisure well mixed. 25A and six for me at least. Grey leather seats, legroom, ok some kind of legroom is also available here!
 photo MANENGMAR2014179_zps2dc19f2c.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014180_zpsa79df4c5.jpg
The mag or the menu?
 photo MANENGMAR2014181_zpsf81c22d5.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014182_zps1a55f1e7.jpg
And the weather is still nice
 photo MANENGMAR2014183_zps502da58a.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014184_zps3c9fab2d.jpg
Touchdown at "Two-Five", 4.20 pm, 10 minutes ahead to schedule, 20 partly cloudy degrees at the "Flughafen Stuttgart -
Manfred Rommel Flughafen".
And the final bye-bye, at least for today!
 photo MANENGMAR2014185_zpsd047ceaa.jpg

Here are the conclusions:
1.)AerLingus MAN-LHR: Fast, to fast in London.
2.)Germanwings LHR-STR: Shaky on finals but relaxed on the way.

And now?.
Yes, Sir, for the military track:

 photo DANMARKMAR2014041_zpsbb9eac79.jpg

Bye for now and take care, as usual.
The Tripreporter

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