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A good day dear readers,

here we are at NUE, sorry, DUS, heading for MUC, the Tripreporter´s way!:*

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Thursday, 20 MAR 2014

DUS (Flughafen Düsseldorf)
MUC (Flughafen Muenchen Franz Josef Strauss)

Service Air Berlin AB 6045 operated by Air Berlin
Scheduled: 20.10  //  21.25

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Certainly 2015 shows something new, no question:*

Night falls swiftly, but that´s for sure ok when you have a good time till the next flight. Gate B33 it is, no lounge used here
 photo MANENGMAR2014056_zps1e7a57bc.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014057_zps794ac547.jpg
The fare is 60.00 Euro´s again, managed the same way like the first leg by Opodo.
This is D-ABDY, no individual name to notice, leg no. 117 on type, new to the log. An A320 like on schedule,
in service with AB since 10.09.2009.
31 examples are in the fleet and there are no special stories to show here
 photo MANENGMAR2014058_zps91b7b375.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014059_zpsaf7ef66a.jpg
8.30 pm, 20 minutes late, nothing out of the ordinary after a long day, 55 "Airberlin" minutes from the same runway like arrivals "Two-Three-Left" at 14 degrees and clear sky.
Bye now to "Düsseldorf Airport".
This one fit´s much better than on the Dash!
 photo MANENGMAR2014060_zps6d3d72fc.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014061_zps6c64123b.jpg
The load is 80% with a real good number of biz travellers all around.
Dark grey leather seaters, clean so far and less legroom than on Belair a week ago. 25F and three for me it is.
Cabin crew is three male FA´s and one female, large, black hair, nice and also the purser with a real nice chat during boarding.
Cockpit crew is from Germany again, the "Skipper" with a nice welcome on the ground experienced and motivated.
Service is snack and free drinks. Routing is via CGN and FRA, no flightlevel info.
No, never seen this magazine before!
 photo MANENGMAR2014062_zps7b193411.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014063_zpsc25c563e.jpg
For a cabin view and soon thereafter we are at "Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß“ and also the place to stay for the night. Ok, touchdown was a little bit earlier at the 4000 meters "Two-Six-Right" at 9.30 pm, just 5 minutes late with clear sky and 14 degrees
 photo MANENGMAR2014064_zps80e36685.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014065_zps27fadd77.jpg
Ok, maybe a bus ride was in between but it´s not that far from the terminal at all
 photo MANENGMAR2014066_zpsfeeeeca6.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014067_zps7060bcdd.jpg
Well, I´am the one for the short nights, if there is really a minute left to sleep at all at the Novotel Muenchen Airport.
Breakfast is ready just a minute after arrivals much to fast, so it feels like
 photo MANENGMAR2014068_zpsc8d45c4b.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014069_zpsa3be34bf.jpg
Bye now, should we try this one sometimes again?
 photo MANENGMAR2014070_zpsf3cd6739.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014071_zpsb8470fd9.jpg
Who ever knows?. Anyway onwards for the airport
 photo MANENGMAR2014072_zps55692d47.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014073_zps02c17d51.jpg

Where is the big bird?.
Patience please!.
The Tripreporter

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