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A good day dear readers, once more,

a pretty early start for MAN, worth it anyway!:*

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Friday, 21.MAR.2014

MUC (Flughafen Muenchen Franz Josef Strauss)
MAN (Manchester Airport)

 The vid it is:

Service SQ 328 operated by Singapore Airlines
Scheduled: 06.10  //  07.35

Here we go with a couple of visited airports:

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And just some more of them!:

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The checked airlines are here to see:

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And also the recorded plane types:

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All the visited countries, maybe?:

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And the Tripreporter 2013 data it is right now:

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With 2014 short to follow:

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Certainly 2015 shows something more, no question:*

No chance for the lounges with all these important things to see and do now
 photo MANENGMAR2014074_zpscb825886.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014075_zps6656c483.jpg
What about this standard and absolutely everyday example at H38?
 photo MANENGMAR2014076_zpse2d9618b.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014077_zps07cfddbb.jpg
Looks like one more of these blue sky sunny days ahead and yeah, it fit´s this way, 2 degrees and clear sky
 photo MANENGMAR2014078_zpsd79358b1.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014079_zps61172ba5.jpg
Service work around the plane is going fast forward and I´am booked with at 121.00 Euro´s
 photo MANENGMAR2014080_zps2bec5898.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014081_zpse8d3fe08.jpg
And not that long thereafter, with a very low number of pax around the gate at 06.15 am, short after schedule, boarding calls.
"Singapore" it is for 1.45 hours from the 4000 meters runway "Two-Six-Right" leaving the "Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß“
 photo MANENGMAR2014082_zpsd8831b45.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014083_zps37bf708c.jpg
9V-SWF for me, the Boeing 777-300 like on schedule.
New to the log it is, leg no. 3 on type and there is no individual name to notice.
All the time since 22.12.2006 with Singapore Airlines, 32 examples are in the fleet.
Stories?. Sure!:
 photo MANENGMAR2014084_zps1daee076.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014085_zps51c90393.jpg
For a warm welcome Singaporean style
 photo MANENGMAR2014087_zps2f0aac86.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014088_zpsd1f8f7a7.jpg
And lucky me, there is some more space available than usual at 55H, 10 for me at least!.
Mixed brown leather seats, ok legroom and clean so far it is.
The overall load is not more than 60%, mostly english travellers, just a few asians and the one or two left with some unknown reasons!
 photo MANENGMAR2014089_zpsc12d5091.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014090_zpsf20b51ca.jpg
Well, modern it looks like
 photo MANENGMAR2014091_zps3456493c.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014092_zpsa6a97778.jpg
And also well maintained
 photo MANENGMAR2014093_zps8cf7200e.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014095_zps52670697.jpgCockpit crew is asian with a short welcome on the ground, nice again inflight and once more short prior to approach.
Routing is FRA-CGN-BRU at maximum 38000 feet.
Can you show me you´re safety card, please?
 photo MANENGMAR2014096_zps54f24177.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014097_zps739e470b.jpg
Cabin crew on duty is a young not that large Asian woman, short black hair, really nice.
Now that looks like ok
 photo MANENGMAR2014098_zpse94e367a.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014099_zps6c802838.jpg
A spacious cabin view
 photo MANENGMAR2014100_zps2dc861da.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014101_zpsaedd8022.jpg
Up till above the clouds
 photo MANENGMAR2014102_zpsda8b41c5.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014103_zpsbc5dd672.jpg
Ok, usually first but not today, check the menu!
 photo MANENGMAR2014104_zpsfe405865.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014105_zpsfdd88ac2.jpg
Drinks and bites
 photo MANENGMAR2014106_zps7c3576cc.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014107_zps0637e45e.jpg
Everything in an orderly manner, breakfast!
 photo MANENGMAR2014108_zpsfd465c5c.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014109_zps6f2a2916.jpg
Especially for the locals
 photo MANENGMAR2014110_zpsa94ffb68.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014111_zps223d670a.jpg
Short to "Manchester Airport"
 photo MANENGMAR2014112_zps526708de.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014113_zps194c2372.jpg
Where the sky is also perfectly blue
 photo MANENGMAR2014114_zps3f243f82.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014115_zpsa8fab44f.jpg
Finals above the green hills
 photo MANENGMAR2014116_zpsf30ba13b.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014117_zpsa724e77d.jpg
And the city surroundings
 photo MANENGMAR2014118_zps3e9caae9.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014119_zps69507a3e.jpg
The 3048 meters "Two-Three-Right" it is. 7.05 am, 30 minutes ahead to schedule, 2 sunny degrees and wet after rain
 photo MANENGMAR2014120_zpsc6a28a8c.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014121_zps7937e358.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014122_zpsdbed4de2.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014125_zpsf934681d.jpg
Bye now to Singair
 photo MANENGMAR2014126_zpsac9b71fb.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014127_zps115020bc.jpg
With a close up view
 photo MANENGMAR2014128_zps9618526f.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014130_zpsd2521326.jpg
And just by surprise, a couple more tails around
 photo MANENGMAR2014131_zps1ab13afb.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014132_zpsa92b7f12.jpg
More tails?. Are you sure?. Ok, but this is another story like this:

 photo MANENGMAR2014151_zpsd2c22a49.jpg

Conclusions, please:
1.)LGW NUE-DUS: Calm as it should be.
2.)Air Berlin DUS-MUC: Call it relaxed for a short night.
3.)Singapore Airlines MUC-MAN: That´s how flying should be everyday.

Bye now, patience please, there is more to come and as usual, take care.
The Tripreporter.

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