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This dedication goes to the people behind these airport, not an easy biz actually

 photo DEUMAR2014049_zps00376e72.jpg

The trip in one word:


Grüß Gott, dear readers,

there are a couple of german places still missing on my visited airports map and today, so it looks like, I should catch one of it this way:*

Thanx to once again:

Just a week ago I was en Espagna to check the sun.
The vids:

And the very same sun is also visible, bright and clear here in Germany, ok, lucky me, that´s for sure not everyday´s standard in early March.
This story smells a little bit like green open landscape, lucky cows producing slowly but steadily lucky milk and something else and just from time to time, but not that really often, they are interrupted by a little bit of plane noise!.

Thursday, 13 MAR 2014

FMM (Flughafen Memmingen Allgäu Airport)
TXL (Flughafen Berlin-Tegel Otto Lilienthal)

The vid:

Service Germanwings 4U 8093 operated by Eurowings
Scheduled:  13.05 //  14.20

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Well, there is the one and simple way to reach this airport what means by car. But what should you do when you´re car is here and there is no chance to fly in again later around the day. So, maybe park it somewhere else?.
For example in Singen, cheap as chips and catch a train or two on the way. Please, do not check the time, it´s much to early also from my point of view to reach this place. Ok, the fare is good 20.00 Euro´s all the way
 photo DEUMAR2014001_zps415f6b78.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014002_zps9db1c759.jpg
Ahh, Memmingen, discovered on the screen and there is also the carriage for my ultra neongreen superracer equipment, recently changed from "No Fear" to "No Mercy" but wait, where is the snow?
 photo DEUMAR2014003_zps88987160.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014004_zps131ba4b1.jpg
This looks like more like a lake than anything else, maybe the "Lake Constance", ok we are calling at Bregenz and Lindau!
 photo DEUMAR2014005_zps82253ce5.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014006_zps67b76724.jpg
Here we are, Memmingen central, the one and only station for Memmingen airport and there is also a convenient, at least sometimes, running bus shuttle via the megacities of Babenhausen, Ottobeuren and Krumbach. Well known to their high education in the three very important bavarian cultural artefacts:
1.) Beer
When you fixed with part 1.), simply take part 2.): Beer
and if there is still some space left, do not miss part 3.) Beer!
and do not forget to go with a sausage or two or who knows how many, beside!.
Not that this airport is called Allgäu Airport in any case. Strange, someone concealed this irony out button here on this keyboard!
 photo DEUMAR2014007_zpsa6acfbfc.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014008_zps0e01916a.jpg
Allgäu Express is calling in a thousand several languages!
 photo DEUMAR2014009_zpscddb19bb.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014010_zps395be4cc.jpg
And the terminal looks like, just by surprise, modern
 photo DEUMAR2014011_zps0caa0f3d.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014012_zpsd34ba51f.jpg
To handle, to fly, with up to date equipment!
 photo DEUMAR2014013_zps69734d30.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014014_zps50951a2a.jpg
Classic, no idea about the backround of this name!
 photo DEUMAR2014015_zps36f24f6f.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014016_zpsdf9e653f.jpg
Steep and sharp it looks like
 photo DEUMAR2014017_zps0a3dbdea.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014018_zps3c53ee72.jpg
So, where are the cows?
 photo DEUMAR2014019_zps8eca1b5e.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014020_zpse8d88cef.jpg
Kiss and fly, today, sure?
 photo DEUMAR2014021_zps76ce3ad8.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014022_zps1a28f20c.jpg
A plane, trust me, there is really a plane here
 photo DEUMAR2014023_zpse3b0ec29.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014024_zps596ee626.jpg
And it looks like it´s on the right track
 photo DEUMAR2014025_zps77cce43c.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014026_zpsf8a5cf82.jpg
Eurowings, gone, but nowadays reborn
 photo DEUMAR2014028_zps2d5551f9.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014029_zps6f86896b.jpg
Something also at the left hand side?. No!
 photo DEUMAR2014030_zps5efee922.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014031_zpsfdf30995.jpg
Ok, this one for me please
 photo DEUMAR2014032_zps5dccf173.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014033_zpsa8b2742b.jpg
No coffee, no drinks, no bagels!
 photo DEUMAR2014034_zps52becd5f.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014035_zpscef0810f.jpg
But an ultramodern, industrial style, terminal building
 photo DEUMAR2014036_zps09bb547a.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014037_zpsf66ff70c.jpg
Briefing or lounging, ok, both not me
 photo DEUMAR2014038_zps8ee01573.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014039_zpse1e0afd4.jpg
Boarding now and btw. this tix is fixed directly via Germanwings at 75.00 Euro´s with some warm           welcomed subsidies from the local hoteliers to keep this service running
 photo DEUMAR2014040_zpsf573bd9b.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014041_zps51bbfb1b.jpg
And this is "Rothenburg ob der Tauber", D-ACNG, the CRJ900 like on schedule. In the air with Eurowings since 09.10.2009. 21 planes on type are still in the fleet
 photo DEUMAR2014042_zps2df4263a.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014043_zps755caaab.jpg
New it is to the log and leg no. 23 on type.
Here is a short story:
 photo DEUMAR2014044_zps2022faba.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014045_zps605e2fa7.jpg
Is this really Germany in March with such a clear blue sky up there?
 photo DEUMAR2014046_zps4f6ed1af.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014047_zps6c07dcb8.jpg
Ok, ok, I´am coming straight
 photo DEUMAR2014048_zpsa13103c2.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014049_zps00376e72.jpg
Really, the last chance it is prior to leave the
"Allgäu Airport, Flughafen Memmingen"
 photo DEUMAR2014050_zps306c2a2b.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014051_zps5e1b766a.jpg
Sure, I know!
 photo DEUMAR2014053_zpsbe2cb365.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014054_zps03586383.jpg
Cabin crew is two female FA´s. Call it different, the elder woman large, nice, motivated, the younger bored, not even biz style, well she is also here and the service fit´s perfectly this way, BOB.
Cockpit crew is from Germany the "Kapitän" with a nice welcome on the ground and once again inflight. No route or flightlevel info.
Well loaded it looks like
 photo DEUMAR2014055_zpsdb10deb5.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014056_zps107f6f68.jpg
20 degrees, superb sunny and perfect clear sky.
Just departed at 01.05 pm, what means also straight ontime, 1.00 hour to go by "Eurowings" from the 2401 meters runway "Zero-six//Two-Four".
Just for a cabin impression with the bright grey leather seats. The legroom is ok and clean it is with a 90% load
 photo DEUMAR2014057_zpsa7cfc8a9.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014058_zpsfaa49ee7.jpg
So, what´s better, the view for the mag or out of the
window?. At least when there is a window and for example at the last row 25D/F there is nothing really like this
 photo DEUMAR2014059_zpsb70d19e8.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014060_zps86acae31.jpg
Ok, we check the cabin now
 photo DEUMAR2014061_zps8b34a57a.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014062_zps123100cb.jpg
Service this way
 photo DEUMAR2014063_zps03634c81.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014064_zpsf8692932.jpg
And warm welcomed, also clear blue sky in Berlin
 photo DEUMAR2014065_zpsfa41ad87.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014066_zpsa3eb3d9d.jpg
Touchdown happened at the 2428 meters "Two-Six-Left" at 16 sunny degrees,  2.20 pm, ontime we are
 photo DEUMAR2014067_zps001da70a.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014068_zps4117fe1e.jpg
Bye now to Eurowings
 photo DEUMAR2014069_zpsa85d1627.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014070_zpsde246866.jpg
Missing Eurowings this way
 photo DEUMAR2014071_zps9f7c70f9.jpg
 photo DEUMAR2014072_zps8e8055b1.jpg
The sun is out and there is some time to spend till the next flight. What to do now?.
Just a minute or two!.
The Tripreporter

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