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This idea is worth a dedication, also when it doesn´t work in the end

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The trip in one word:


Hello and a good day dear readers,
so, right now I´am in MAN, successfully inbound on the Singapore service ex MUC.
And sure, don´t miss the vids:

Straight back for the homebase is the way to go now, isn´t it?. Sure?.
No way, there is something new and soon to be gone to catch on the way, this way:*

Thanx to once again:

Friday, 21.MAR.2014

MAN (Manchester Airport)
LHR (London Heathrow Airport)

The vid:

Service Virgin Atlantic, sold as Virgin Little Red VS 3042 operated by AerLingus
Scheduled: 10.40 // 11.40

Just some visited airports maybe:

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And well, just some more:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The checked airlines are here:

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And also the recorded plane types:

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All the visited countries:

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And the Tripreporter 2013 data:

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With also 2014:

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And 2015 shows something more:*

So, here I am at "Manchester airport", the day started early and some necessary shopping is done. What about the action at the apron?. For example these good looking prop?
 photo MANENGMAR2014135_zpsccb1f340.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014136_zps4b834298.jpg
Just for any speedy delivery needs!
 photo MANENGMAR2014137_zps3ca596d6.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014138_zps6fd96407.jpg
Well, it´s England. Sitting in the sun, warm, watching the planes gone by till this one
 photo MANENGMAR2014139_zps6abf1bd5.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014140_zps6e509f36.jpg
An irish registered Virgin, interesting
 photo MANENGMAR2014141_zps9d9e4891.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014142_zpsfab615fb.jpg
It looks like the machine for London
 photo MANENGMAR2014143_zpsd733ecda.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014145_zps9a78d7a0.jpg
No chance to go for a lounge here. Sunny, just a couple of clouds, 9 degrees and windy, nothing else expected in England, isn´t it?
 photo MANENGMAR2014146_zps1bfd5c61.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014147_zps4688603c.jpg
That´s the one at gate 18, I believe.
EI-EZV "Tartan Lassie" is an A320, leg no. 118 on type and a new machine to the log.
In the air with Eurofly from 20.05.2003, a name change for Meridiana at 28.02.2010 and with AerLingus since 02.04.2013. Three examples operated the Little Red brand and here are some stories:

 photo MANENGMAR2014148_zps75d1cc6b.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014149_zps08eb887b.jpg
Boarding now, time to go at 10.35 am, short ahead to schedule, just 35 minutes announced by "Virgin" from the 3048 meters "Two-Three-Right"
 photo MANENGMAR2014150_zps176fa531.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014151_zpsd2c22a49.jpg
The fare is 64.00 Euro´s fixed via the airlines website.
Questions?. Just to clear it this way
 photo MANENGMAR2014152_zpsa51635d8.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014153_zpsd153efa8.jpg
Modern style, so it looks like
 photo MANENGMAR2014154_zps14830a83.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014155_zps6c887ab7.jpg
Cabin crew is all female, one senior, nice talking, one elder, ok, one middle aged nice and one younger, not that really motivated today, hangover style!.
Cockpit crew is irish, the chief introduces the crew by name during a nice welcome speech, he´s once again to hear short to London. No route or flight level data to notice. Do not miss the safety card, isn´t it?
 photo MANENGMAR2014156_zpsbf6b6c70.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014157_zps6224fbce.jpg
Tyrrells plane crisps and free drinks , now that fit´s perfectly
 photo MANENGMAR2014158_zps0a7343e8.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014159_zps22f9b7dc.jpg
Six for me at least around 29F, the load is not more than 50%.
Brown red oldfashioned style leather seats, low legroom and not that really clean it is.
Don´t get me wrong, but this looks like London, so fast and much faster than
 photo MANENGMAR2014160_zps1c3c5902.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014161_zps2b650d88.jpg
Marvellous views all around, ok it´s March and it´s England, perfect!
 photo MANENGMAR2014162_zps9b2912ef.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014163_zps1f4b31d6.jpg
And here we are, "London Heathrow Airport", the 3660 meters "Two-Seven-Left", sunny and windy at 16 degrees.  11.40 am, ontime, english perfection!
 photo MANENGMAR2014164_zpsdd4ca575.jpg
 photo MANENGMAR2014166_zps7b51983d.jpg

Always these final legs, just a moment, please!.
The Tripreporter

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