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Γεια εκεί, geia ekeí, hello,
dear readers,

on the way for STR.
The famous last leg!:*

Thanx to once again:

Friday, 28.02.2014

BEG (Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Аеродром Београд - Никола Тесла
Aerodrom Beograd - Nikola Tesla)
STR (Flughafen Stuttgart
Manfred Rommel)

The vid:

[b]Service JU 344 operated by Air Serbia
Scheduled:  18.25//  20.10[/b]

Here are the visited airports:

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The checked airlines:

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Odlasci, that´s something to check right now
 photo GRFEB2014216_zpseceed0f1.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014217_zps812a9d73.jpg
Different generations side by side
 photo GRFEB2014218_zps759c6153.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014219_zps1bfda1d8.jpg
Like in Tess´niki, no intra security way for the new gate also at "Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport
Аеродром Београд - Никола Тесла
Aerodrom Beograd - Nikola Tesla". Well, nothing new to me.
This one at my gate A8 is white, is pretty white and is not at any kind the scheduled equipment
 photo GRFEB2014220_zps68aad8bf.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014221_zps50805b2f.jpg
This is a 737-300, no individual name to notice with YU-ANJ.
In the air since 17.11.1986 with Australian, Ansett, Bosphorus European, Aerocontractors and finally Air Serbia. Finally?. No, right now it is on the way with Aviolet!.
No time to use the lounge here.
6.25 pm, what means ontime and "Air Serbia" is on the way for 1.50 hours right now.
Leaving from the same runway like arrivals, but in the other direction called "Three-Zero".
12 degrees, clear sky, after the thunderstorm decided to go for somewhere else.
I like it this way
 photo GRFEB2014222_zps2a718aa1.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014223_zpsd059cc89.jpg
This is leg no. 56 on type, new to the log and there are no stories to show.
Cockpit crew is from Serbia
and I don´t remember a flight with such a huge load of informations all along.
An detailed welcome during boarding in an experienced style.
No less than 4 minutes talking about the flightroute and details.
And also long and detailed during early approach. It seems the "Kapetan" really enjoyed his job today.
Heavy shaking again right        after departure with regards from the thunderstorm. Further above the Lake Balaton and
Salzburg at maximum 36000 feet.
The perfect comparison
 photo GRFEB2014224_zps9a586c1d.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014225_zpsa835bacc.jpg
Cabin crew is one senior male FA, nice talking about the good old JAT days and three women, one senior, nice, one elder, nice and one middle aged, really nice, short brown hair, ever smiling, yes I´am impressed.
Service also here
 photo GRFEB2014226_zps7ec1a526.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014228_zpse6ce35df.jpg
Now that´s me, or not?
 photo GRFEB2014229_zpse322ec15.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014230_zpsdce132a6.jpg
Well, or not!
 photo GRFEB2014231_zpsf8c3fd42.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014232_zps2b86280c.jpg
Retro, call it retro,
with the grey leather seats, well used it is and impressive low legroom.
The whistle blows, someone remember these piping sound on the old 737 classics during take off and descent?
 photo GRFEB2014233_zps00c45a3d.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014234_zps3774bd44.jpg
Well, also the serbian historic or call it pretty monuments are definitely interesting, but sorry, I prefer the Greece examples
 photo GRFEB2014235_zps20948d84.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014236_zpsaa1ffc76.jpg
The load is very close to 100%. Just a few germans around here.
23D, the last row aisle, the window is taken but the middle seat remains open.
For a retro cabin view
 photo GRFEB2014237_zpse6d951ea.jpg
And soon thereafter we are back at the homebase, the "Flughafen Stuttgart".
Runway "Two-Five", 8.00 pm, ten minutes ahead to schedule,  5 degrees and clear sky.
Where the car spend some relaxed time and it looks like with this cute one side by side one more day here seems no problem!.

Here are the conclusions:
1.)Aegean ATH-SKG: Quiet so  far on one more full flight.
2.)Air Serbia SKG-BEG: A good first experience by the new JAT, sorry, Air Serbia.
3.)Air Serbia BEG-STR: Nice staff on the classic edition.

And now?.
Truly these question?.
Literally, that´s the case!.
Someome told me about a mysterious light appearance up around the northern countries.
Any similarities with the writer and the person on the lower right side of the photo are absolutely excluded,
isn´t it, Trond?:

 photo IMG_2076_zpse817bd42.jpg

Bye gia tó̱ra,
take care.
The Tripreporter

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