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Kalimera, καλημέρα, hello dear readers,

the direction of travel should change now immediatelly southern side!:*

Thanx to, also this time:

Thursday, 27.02.2014

DUS (Düsseldorf Airport)
SKG (Διεθνής Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Θεσσαλονίκης Μακεδονία Thessaloniki International Airport Makedonia)

The video:

Service A3 541 operated by Aegean Airlines
Scheduled:  12.50  //  16.40

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Just a step for the Hugo Junkers Lounge, a familiar place it is these days.
And further for gate B27.
Now that looks much more like the right direction!.
And it looks like ok, too
 photo GRFEB2014024_zps6ccd4232.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014025_zpscfdeca6d.jpg
A warm welcome to Sierra-XRay-Delta-Gulf-Alpha, the A321 like on schedule and once more an machine without an individual name.
New to the log it is and leg no. 31 on type.
One of six examples in the fleet, in the air since 24.04.2009.
Here is a short story to follow:
 photo GRFEB2014026_zps12d34e98.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014027_zps8dd1914d.jpg
The ticket details are secured with Opodo. OLCI is available 48 hours prior to departure and works well. The fare is 60.00 Euro´s
 photo GRFEB2014028_zpsa359b86a.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014029_zpsdab5f5af.jpg
With the previously announced cost cutting measures it was also important to catch a boarding pass, what works well at the gate, staffed by a nice young woman
 photo GRFEB2014030_zps36001b4a.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014031_zpsaf40111f.jpg
Cockpit crew is from Greece. The "Pilotos" with detailed infos inflight and once again short prior to descent.
Routing is FRA-NUE-KLU-ZAG-SJJ-Pogdorica at 33000 and further till 35000 feet.
Leaving the "Dusseldorf Airport" at
12.50 am, ontime, 2.20 hours by "Aegean" from the very same runway like arrivals. "Two-Three-Left", 8 degrees and partly cloudy it is
 photo GRFEB2014032_zps9493bc10.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014033_zpsf9d9ecf4.jpg
The cabin with the dark blue leather seats is well used and call the legroom ok.
Well loaded it is, mostly greek pax, very close if not 100%.
34D for me, the last row aisle and all seats are taken here, too
 photo GRFEB2014034_zps90a62de3.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014035_zps4250424b.jpg
Cabin crew is all female.
One younger, brown hair, nice talking during boarding.
Another younger, also nice,
one elder and nice,
one middle aged, dark blonde, slim, really nice
and another middle aged, red hair ponytail, slim, ahem, really nice.
Service is sweets and free drinks, a hot meal and coffee, tea, impressive.
Ahem, not that I´ve talked about these historic monuments, nothing else, trust me, sometimes ago
 photo GRFEB2014038_zps8bfc18ca.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014039_zps0ee19f98.jpg
The cabin looks like modern and the service is sure ok
 photo GRFEB2014040_zps42f87f31.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014041_zps5a27d9bb.jpg
What happens in between, I don´t know, but from one second to the other we are at the "Thessaloniki International Airport Makedonia
Διεθνής Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Θεσσαλονίκης Μακεδονία" with such a soft touchdown at the 2410 meters runway "One-Six", impressive.
4.10 pm, 30 minutes ahead to schedule, 13 degrees and a few clouds only
 photo GRFEB2014042_zpseb52c53d.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014043_zps710c47d7.jpg

And now?. More southern side maybe?.
Well, who knows!.
The Tripreporter.

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