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Kalimera, καλημέρα, hello dear readers,

further on the way just for the short night:*

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Thursday, 27.02.2014

SKG (Διεθνής Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Θεσσαλονίκης Μακεδονία Thessaloniki International Airport Makedonia)
ATH (Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Αθηνών Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος
Athens International Airport
Eleftherios Venizelos)

The video:

Service A3 541 operated by Aegean Airlines
Scheduled:  12.50  //  16.40

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Call it a pit stop.
No need to leave the plane.
And also interesting, most DUS pax disembarked here at SKG.
Time for some talking with the FA´s and a view from the rear door.
The whole crew started at ATH this morning 6.30 am, briefing, preparations for the four legs along the day, max. 5 legs are possible and one young male FA joined us here
 photo GRFEB2014044_zps8210968a.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014045_zpsd2a8e0a8.jpg
The fare here is fixed again with Opodo, 60.00 Euro´s
and the paper is also good for ATH
 photo GRFEB2014046_zps4482421f.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014047_zpsf9150d59.jpg
Air Serbia, now that sounds interesting
 photo GRFEB2014048_zpse922ac03.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014049_zps0e703784.jpg
And on the way again, leaving the
"Thessaloniki International Airport Makedonia
Διεθνής Κρατικός Αερολιμένας Θεσσαλονίκης Μακεδονία" at
5.10 pm, ten minutes ahead to schedule, "Aegean" and 35 minutes to fly. Departure from runway "One-Six" like arrivals, 13 degrees and just a few clouds around
 photo GRFEB2014050_zps330d4abc.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014051_zps5090ab88.jpg
With the modern style cabin, no changes by the way and this is leg
no. 32 on type now.
The load is very close to 100%, lot´s of biz people on the way.
34D for me again and also again, all three seats are taken.
Well, the few DUS to ATH pax who decided to change seats, also when the lead FA commented that there are new pax ahead are not that really amused to return to the original seats earlier, but that´s the way to go here!
 photo GRFEB2014052_zpsd9f3eb1e.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014053_zpsb1e37f38.jpg
Service is sweets, free drinks and a chocolate cookie. The routing is via Skiathos, I should go there somedays, definitely, at 21000 feet!.
Some details to follow
 photo GRFEB2014054_zps1faa73b1.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014055_zpsd02f3c4e.jpg
This one for me please!
 photo GRFEB2014056_zps4f439787.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014057_zpsdcc8d9b2.jpg
The service and is this really ATH?.
It is, welcome to "Athens International Airport
Eleftherios Venizelos
Διεθνής Αερολιμένας Αθηνών
Ελευθέριος Βενιζέλος
 photo GRFEB2014059_zpsdaa134a7.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014061_zps32d7b9a9.jpg
Touchdown at the 4000 meters "Zero-Three-Right", 5.50 pm, 20 minutes ahead to schedule, 16 degrees and just a very few number of clouds around. Now that´s warm welcomed.
Someone for Hellenic Imperial?
 photo GRFEB2014062_zps46078811.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014063_zpsf475d842.jpg
The apron in the early evening
 photo GRFEB2014064_zpsfd3f4a4e.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014065_zps8b000b62.jpg
Bye now to Aegean Airlines. Really?. Well, we will see!
 photo GRFEB2014066_zps35d24841.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014067_zps2013345c.jpg
No bag to catch and no strikes in Greece, never ever!.
What should these printed sheets at the ticket counter mean?.
Who knows, this one is running and tomorrow is another day!
 photo GRFEB2014068_zps8e59b257.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014069_zps89738cdf.jpg
Whatever Acropolis view means with my hotels room description?
 photo GRFEB2014070_zps61f478e0.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014071_zps58f056f2.jpg
This is "Athens Center Square" with a perfect warm welcome from a younger woman at the desk. Yes, we had a good chat!
 photo GRFEB2014072_zpsa6ba246b.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014073_zpsf32cdd4e.jpg
A modern property it is
 photo GRFEB2014074_zps688c8290.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014075_zps0599e6f9.jpg
Call it center, call it well located,
just a couple of meters from Monastiraki station
 photo GRFEB2014076_zpsa3ca02ac.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014077_zpsa103bf76.jpg
Yes, that´s me!
 photo GRFEB2014078_zpsbbe54ae0.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014079_zpsc1cf36b1.jpg
City life all around
 photo GRFEB2014080_zps7c94b68c.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014081_zpsa074c74c.jpg
I simply like these nightly lights
 photo GRFEB2014082_zps8e9c6fba.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014083_zps3db831f5.jpg
There are fleas on offer here, really!
 photo GRFEB2014084_zpsd22ceafb.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014085_zpsc675482c.jpg
The shops are open with lot´s of people on the streets
 photo GRFEB2014086_zps4d1710bb.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014087_zps88d23a9f.jpg
I simply love these nightly signs, too
 photo GRFEB2014088_zpsa988ddfe.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014089_zps7ba1aa1b.jpg
Yes and I simply like Greece!
 photo GRFEB2014090_zps2f0aaac8.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014091_zps7cbb394f.jpg
Up the hill maybe?
 photo GRFEB2014092_zps928672f3.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014094_zpsc7e815aa.jpg
Up the Acropolis heights
 photo GRFEB2014095_zps26716591.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014096_zps7343b063.jpg
With it´s ancient monuments
 photo GRFEB2014097_zps531a7818.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014098_zpsda4eaa02.jpg
For the Plaka
 photo GRFEB2014099_zps7d6dcdd4.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014103_zps5cd546e0.jpg
Some more steps maybe?
 photo GRFEB2014104_zpsc915cc95.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014105_zps65f8b515.jpg
The Acropolis museum
 photo GRFEB2014106_zpsd82aedfb.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014107_zps80415dbc.jpg
Should I really walk back to the hotel right now?
 photo GRFEB2014108_zps64b13147.jpg
 photo GRFEB2014109_zpsfa741d99.jpg
Well, it seems I should!
 photo GRFEB2014110_zpsd88a111a.jpg
Well, should I really go to sleep tonight with all these magic signs around and well, too, some more talking with the nice woman at the hotels desk doesn´t help to extend my time to sleep!.

Here are the conclusions from day one around Greece:
1.)Airberlin STR-DUS: What about flying something else somedays?.
2.)Aegean DUS-SKG: As relaxed as a full service might be.
3.)Aegean SKG-ATH: Short and quiet for the capital.

And more to come this way.
Are you sure?. This is definitely not a greek coat of arms:

 photo GRFEB2014185_zpsbea57982.jpg

Αντίο, Antío, take care.
The Tripreporter

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