Sonntag, 7. August 2016

Hard to believe, this is really an MD


"Hard to believe, this is really an MD" and classy silver it is!.

 photo SAM_8597_zpsxazievok.jpg

The routing:*

Service American Airlines AA 2267 operated by N9616G

Scheduled:   10.33  //  14.30
Actual:  10.30  //  14.25

This is a former TWA bird, in the air since 26.08.1997 and joined later the AA fleet

Here is also a special story:

And the stats:
Leg no. 1385 at all and no. 11 on the MD 83

Here are all the visited countries:

VISITED COUNTRIES auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "Dallas/Fort Worth
International Airport" we go, after a very short visit. Heading for Canada and the "Toronto Pearson International Airport".
But wait, no way to go without the usual pictures!:

 photo SAM_8591_zpsvstjzphs.jpg

 photo SAM_8592_zpspoei0ao3.jpg

 photo SAM_8593_zps3ua5ebi3.jpg

 photo SAM_8595_zpsayipasum.jpg

 photo SAM_8596_zps4vb0jnyh.jpg

 photo SAM_8598_zpsbpnksngg.jpg

 photo SAM_8599_zpsigdzier9.jpg

 photo SAM_8600_zpsezdpsgbe.jpg

 photo SAM_8601_zpskljajioc.jpg

 photo SAM_8602_zpshpg75rvv.jpg

 photo SAM_8603_zps8as1xevg.jpg

 photo SAM_8604_zpsehwubylm.jpg

 photo SAM_8605_zpseyvjxmzd.jpg

 photo SAM_8606_zps8lqgqba1.jpg

 photo SAM_8607_zpsn0qywrtb.jpg

 photo SAM_8608_zpss9mi5dse.jpg

 photo SAM_8609_zpsovoktlyg.jpg

 photo SAM_8610_zpscwqulvmc.jpg

 photo SAM_8611_zps21c2aqjx.jpg

 photo SAM_8614_zpsxd6grdyh.jpg

 photo SAM_8615_zpsa748wxz6.jpg

 photo SAM_8616_zpsvxcngbox.jpg

 photo SAM_8617_zpsd7sf3r1o.jpg

 photo SAM_8618_zpszuglgptx.jpg

 photo SAM_8619_zpsxt9tdq6h.jpg

More to come.
Bye now. The Tripreporter

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