Freitag, 30. März 2018

The weather is simply unbelievable


"The weather is simply unbelievable", from foggy, negative 2 degrees at departure to sunny, positive 18 degrees at arrival!.

 photo SAM_4800_zps1t2kfzgg.jpg

The routing:*

Service Aegean Airlines A3 827 operated by SX-DGN 

Scheduled:   11.00  //  14.40
Actual:  11.00  //  14.20

No, this is really no original, airside with AirAstana and Aegean Airlines since 01.08.2006

But no special stories are visible

And certainly, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1612 at all and no. 210 on the Airbus A320

Here are the first 200 Visited Airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Ready to go, out of the
"Flughafen Zürich", but not to miss the Lounge on the way!.
Heading out for the south and the
"Athens International Airport
Eleftherios Venizelos".
The pictures are also here:

 photo SAM_4770_zpsvfq1i3ci.jpg

 photo SAM_4771_zpsm74twzif.jpg

 photo SAM_4773_zpshw0v7hng.jpg

 photo SAM_4774_zpsga2mwpye.jpg

 photo SAM_4776_zps6rtofcz4.jpg

 photo SAM_4777_zpsqxqb7gh4.jpg

 photo SAM_4778_zpsv9c4ew8m.jpg

 photo SAM_4779_zpsosb2aq85.jpg

 photo SAM_4780_zpsfqjsch31.jpg

 photo SAM_4781_zpsyp8aqpba.jpg

 photo SAM_4782_zpsbweailq8.jpg

 photo SAM_4783_zpssebl3fbv.jpg

 photo SAM_4784_zpsgajohbet.jpg

 photo SAM_4785_zpsbjf1p4jx.jpg

 photo SAM_4786_zpsbsizq7hu.jpg

 photo SAM_4787_zpsm4k0px4i.jpg

 photo SAM_4788_zpspdpjbggu.jpg

 photo SAM_4789_zpsunnuo1pa.jpg

 photo SAM_4790_zpshsktooic.jpg

 photo SAM_4791_zpsee3wdlqx.jpg

 photo SAM_4793_zpsyofrnekc.jpg

 photo SAM_4794_zpszrvpoqwt.jpg

 photo SAM_4795_zpsavkqr3o0.jpg

 photo SAM_4796_zpsdxd84kqd.jpg

 photo SAM_4798_zpsxjldnhnm.jpg

Absolutely worth it to go this way. And the weather fit´s perfectly!.

More to come.
Tha sas doúme sýntoma.
The Tripreporter.

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