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A new Skyteam for finals


"A new Skyteam for finals", the chance to visit also another Lounge for the first time!.

 photo SAM_4620_zpsdomfajvn.jpg

The routing:*

Service Vietnam Airlines VN 600 operated by VN-A396

Scheduled:   11.20  //  13.00
Actual:  11.15  //  12.40

Call it originals, this one is airside with Vietnam Airlines only since 08.12.2012

Once again around this trip, no special stories are visible with this machine

And for sure, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1607 at all and no. 54 on the Airbus A321

Here we see the early 200 Visited Airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving the "Suvarnabhumi Airport" not that long thereafter with some quality Lounge time done.
Heading out for the final destination around this trip, the "Sân bay Quốc tế Tân Sơn Nhất".
And for sure, here are some pictures:

 photo SAM_4608_zpsnud5so59.jpg

 photo SAM_4609_zpshry91xw7.jpg

 photo SAM_4610_zps06m36xxe.jpg

 photo SAM_4611_zps8f0gopyl.jpg

 photo SAM_4614_zpsfzcgk5ca.jpg

 photo SAM_4617_zpsge1l5x6f.jpg

 photo SAM_4618_zpsbrhzg0he.jpg

 photo SAM_4619_zpssv6hulkh.jpg

 photo SAM_4621_zpstwiuvwsg.jpg

 photo SAM_4622_zpsiufo9gmg.jpg

 photo SAM_4623_zpsmboumibl.jpg

 photo SAM_4624_zpsfimu0oy4.jpg

 photo SAM_4625_zpsp3somkbe.jpg

 photo SAM_4626_zpsm14tapq9.jpg

 photo SAM_4627_zpsegihhoqu.jpg

 photo SAM_4629_zps7df5ulbz.jpg

 photo SAM_4630_zps5t6cnd1y.jpg

 photo SAM_4632_zpslthpqyuh.jpg

 photo SAM_4633_zpso9cxqosm.jpg

 photo SAM_4634_zpsajp1dlda.jpg

 photo SAM_4635_zpsgwkxfnpd.jpg

 photo SAM_4636_zpsyck34bqo.jpg

 photo SAM_4637_zpschjbgrbs.jpg

 photo SAM_4638_zpsxtlrz7h9.jpg

 photo SAM_4639_zpsob0l7gi5.jpg

 photo SAM_4640_zpszqkyx8w7.jpg

 photo SAM_4642_zps39q6b6rq.jpg

 photo SAM_4643_zpss6nuakyx.jpg

 photo SAM_4644_zps3wsheqht.jpg

 photo SAM_4645_zps72dmikew.jpg

 photo SAM_4646_zpsu2p5trtz.jpg

 photo SAM_4647_zpsxocvis5d.jpg

 photo SAM_4648_zpsvs3uku0s.jpg

 photo SAM_4649_zps5qnvxhbt.jpg

 photo SAM_4650_zpsuyiwv93i.jpg

 photo SAM_4651_zpsj8fmnhdx.jpg

 photo SAM_4652_zpsan9pmu9x.jpg

Finally arrived. A new place. Immigration was absolutely hassle free and fast. The country itself a bit, well just a bit chaotic, but ok, it´s Asia.
And really interesting it was definitely!.

More to come.
Hẹn gặp lại.
The Tripreporter.

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