Samstag, 17. März 2018

The absolutely right direction it is!


"The absolutely right direction it is", to leave the dark and cold climate behind!.

 photo SAM_4582_zps6siervgu.jpg

The routing:*

Service Finnair AY 1512 operated by OH-LZM

Scheduled:   10.55  //  14.45
Actual:  10.50  //  14.45

Original we are with Finnair since 23.02.2017

No special stories are visible with this machine

But for sure, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1605 at all and no. 53 on the Airbus A321

Here are the Plane Types Recorded:

PLANE TYPES RECORDED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Out of the "Flughafen Zürich" we go. Maybe just a little bit further this time!.
For the "Helsinki-Vantaan Lentoasema".
And here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_4557_zps8oq6true.jpg

 photo SAM_4559_zps3m0k8azi.jpg

 photo SAM_4561_zpslybyjssz.jpg

 photo SAM_4562_zps0gxacgzg.jpg

 photo SAM_4563_zpso2v1tsoz.jpg

 photo SAM_4564_zpsemopj62v.jpg

 photo SAM_4565_zpszlovw4h1.jpg

 photo SAM_4566_zpsel3wwcqw.jpg

 photo SAM_4567_zpswxx9plir.jpg

 photo SAM_4568_zps6bmjrxrr.jpg

 photo SAM_4569_zpssxp7h5nq.jpg

 photo SAM_4570_zpsti4sa57v.jpg

 photo SAM_4571_zpsyezzykt9.jpg

 photo SAM_4572_zpsiy5ar2l3.jpg

 photo SAM_4573_zpshr8iopuz.jpg

 photo SAM_4574_zpswgwfmhoe.jpg

 photo SAM_4575_zpsjdqo4txe.jpg

 photo SAM_4576_zpsmlfzwk7f.jpg

 photo SAM_4577_zpsppk0lsve.jpg

 photo SAM_4578_zps6sy9trr6.jpg

 photo SAM_4579_zpsuntyff5g.jpg

 photo SAM_4581_zps8ft3pr02.jpg

Three seats for me in the rear cabin, nice staff all around and ontime. All ok this way with Finnair!.

More to come.
Nähdään pian.
The Tripreporter.

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