Dienstag, 20. März 2018

Call it an extended daytrip

Xin chào,

"Call it an extended daytrip" and at least, warm it was!.

 photo SAM_4700_zpsc8dp9rpu.jpg

The routing:*

Service Etihad Airways EY 440 operated by A6-EYN

Scheduled:   19.50  //  00.50
Actual:  19.45  //  00.20

Well, the originals, in the air it is since 18.06.2007 with Etihad Airways only

And here are, just by surprise, a couple of stories!:

Now we see the stat´s:
Leg no. 1608 at all and no. 5 on the Airbus A330-200

A new place shows up on the latest 
Visited Airports map.
SGN/Hoh Chi Minh City and no. 382:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Time now to leave the "Sân bay Quốc tế Tân Sơn Nhất". Heading out for the "Abu Dhabi International Airport":
Yes, there are also some pictures:

 photo SAM_4653_zpsk6ynbys0.jpg

 photo SAM_4654_zpspgcgxleq.jpg

 photo SAM_4655_zpsy1wsmgtm.jpg

 photo SAM_4656_zpsp5mxep19.jpg

 photo SAM_4657_zpshhr0ilgl.jpg

 photo SAM_4658_zpspptdhglc.jpg

 photo SAM_4659_zpslhv9xcss.jpg

 photo SAM_4660_zpsmpsxvdv3.jpg

 photo SAM_4661_zpsgcg7ded8.jpg

 photo SAM_4662_zpsqqox92tf.jpg

 photo SAM_4663_zpse58fjev6.jpg

 photo SAM_4664_zpsycx5opth.jpg

 photo SAM_4665_zpsck6ifnga.jpg

 photo SAM_4666_zpswn0dcwkn.jpg

 photo SAM_4667_zpsncqfnm0q.jpg

 photo SAM_4668_zpslibyllsw.jpg

 photo SAM_4669_zpsjzgi6ijs.jpg

 photo SAM_4670_zps6hnsvpkm.jpg

 photo SAM_4671_zps4u3goqzn.jpg

 photo SAM_4672_zpsd0ivv6fa.jpg

 photo SAM_4674_zpskcpvbvma.jpg

 photo SAM_4676_zpsioqtpnkh.jpg

 photo SAM_4677_zpsevmjwlur.jpg

 photo SAM_4678_zpsdsrs5vvy.jpg

 photo SAM_4680_zpskglcczmq.jpg

 photo SAM_4681_zpshztlh8gg.jpg

 photo SAM_4682_zpszzt1l2e2.jpg

 photo SAM_4684_zpsqekea9ek.jpg

 photo SAM_4685_zpsa1lbmfff.jpg

 photo SAM_4686_zps15r35ivv.jpg

 photo SAM_4687_zpsf7s9jwox.jpg

 photo SAM_4688_zpsl90sobm2.jpg

 photo SAM_4689_zpshvd9ucvt.jpg

 photo SAM_4690_zpsfnqvvmbn.jpg

 photo SAM_4693_zps78byp0km.jpg

 photo SAM_4694_zpshnflvoqr.jpg

 photo SAM_4695_zps79wzizy4.jpg

 photo SAM_4696_zpsxyiyacjz.jpg

 photo SAM_4697_zpsr1bwybx8.jpg

 photo SAM_4698_zps89ku76zp.jpg

 photo SAM_4699_zpstqiicbua.jpg

 photo SAM_4701_zpsqzhor31j.jpg

 photo SAM_4703_zpslk09gekt.jpg

 photo SAM_4704_zpstvd1rp0k.jpg

Comfy it was also, two seats for me, upfront cabin. Better than expected this way!.

More to come.
Iilaa alliqa.
The Tripreporter.

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