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There is Logan in the Air


"There is Logan in the Air", not sure what it means, but definitely nothing southern side!.

 photo SAM_1260_zpsgyk0vtxc.jpg

The routing:*

Service Flybe BE 6975 operated by Loganair G-LGNT
Scheduled:  14.40  //  15.55
Actual:  14.45  //  15.35

A wide traveled bird it is, airside since 20.10.1996 with Crossair, Swiss International Airlines, Carpatair, Skyways Airlines, Darwin Airline and finally Loganair

No special stories are to show here

But certainly, the stats:
Leg no. 1488 at all and no. 14 on the Saab 2000

The airlines checked showing also something new, Loganair and No. 213:

AIRLINES CHECKED auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The sun was out, just a little bit windy, but what should you expect from Scotland?. Ok, out of the "Port-adhair Inbhir Nis Inverness Airport" and further for the "Manchester Airport".
Sure, with a couple of pictures:

 photo SAM_1246_zps76wf47ae.jpg

 photo SAM_1247_zpswltr5l9o.jpg

 photo SAM_1249_zps8emuoak0.jpg

 photo SAM_1250_zpse81m9zzd.jpg

 photo SAM_1251_zpswghe4tcc.jpg

 photo SAM_1252_zpslcnrfa0g.jpg

 photo SAM_1253_zpsj7zugkq4.jpg

 photo SAM_1254_zpswxxfj2gu.jpg

 photo SAM_1256_zpswjpkq9mf.jpg

 photo SAM_1258_zpsbkabusve.jpg

 photo SAM_1262_zpsbs5i2iwm.jpg

 photo SAM_1263_zpsangzcf5d.jpg

 photo SAM_1264_zpsv0qftfkj.jpg

 photo SAM_1266_zps45ppmy7e.jpg

 photo SAM_1267_zpswd1wz44c.jpg

 photo SAM_1268_zps9bcd8qzd.jpg

 photo SAM_1269_zpsnvhzrmb1.jpg

 photo SAM_1270_zps2lxjlkai.jpg

 photo SAM_1271_zps2z7syq5s.jpg

 photo SAM_1272_zpstiia8r3g.jpg

 photo SAM_1273_zpsuy2eajxu.jpg

 photo SAM_1274_zps9ckmexcm.jpg

 photo SAM_1275_zpscicvt5me.jpg

 photo SAM_1276_zpsjlrtvcse.jpg

 photo SAM_1278_zpsrokx274l.jpg

The very same wind pushes the small Saab now very fast down for Manchester. A close to full flight it was, but with the single A seat it was nevertheless comfy enough to spend 50 minutes only in the air. Well, counting the Saab´s as long as it´s possible, you know!.

More to come.
Bye now. The Tripreporter.

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