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"Enjoying Czech service, sure?"

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The trip in one word:


Ahoj, dear readers,

should I really go for a new airline today?.
Well it seems so!:*

Thanx to once more:

Blue and long it was during the inbound for my departure station and here are the vids:

Friday, 04.APR.2014

CDG (Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle)
PRG (Letiště Václava Havla Praha)

Service Smart Wings QS 1039 operated by Travel Service
Scheduled:  15.00  //  16.45

Here are the early 200 visited airports:

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What about 2015, at least till now!:*

Absolutely no idea who´s the boss here at "Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Roissy Airport"!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014065_zpsab53e334.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014066_zps1583dcfe.jpg
No lounge on offer here in this part.
Looks like fresh built around gate B10
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014067_zpsd259621e.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014068_zpse2e87f95.jpg
And maybe the plane, too. Well, see the engine and cowling
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014069_zps6798744a.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014070_zpsf8cf9c6e.jpg
Anyway that´s my ride
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014071_zps40d4cf9d.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014072_zps8e50da88.jpg
A 737-800 it is, leg no. 79 on type, a new entry to the log.
OK-TVO carries no individual name
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014073_zpsf5afc121.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014074_zps3ce20f7d.jpg
24 examples are in the fleet and this one was first in service at 06.03.2002 with GOL, Travel Service, Sunwing and SpiceJet.
Here are two stories:
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014075_zps3664e469.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014076_zps0b4e08c4.jpg
Boarding the "Skytravel" right now
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014077_zps07d0f436.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014078_zpsa2264a21.jpg
The ticket is fixed at 78.00 Euro´s with, but sorry, not on this one
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014079_zps0985745d.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014080_zps77227aa9.jpg
3.10 pm, short after schedule, time to go now for 1.20 hours ex the 4200 meters "Two-Seven-Left". 12 degrees and cloudy it is
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014081_zps20f15cbb.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014082_zpsfdead37b.jpg
Cabin crew is two female FA´s, elder ok, younger nice and two male FA´s, elder ok, middle aged nice, service is BOB.
Just to compare
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014083_zpse75e13e9.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014084_zps1f587bc9.jpg
A view for the interior with a 50% load and close to all pax seated upfront, sure ok with me at 27A and so on!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014085_zps1003fb1e.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014086_zps74811310.jpg
Looks like just a bit oldfashioned and yes, not unexpected, the legroom is low
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014087_zps252f03e9.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014088_zpsad6c6b0f.jpg
The "Kormidelnik" is Czech, all anouncements in Czech only. Ok, the french fly local and who expect a German on this route. FRA is somewhere below the clouds without further informations about the flightlevel.
En Espagnol, sure, definitely needed on this route
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014089_zps18f19e82.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014090_zps29afbe65.jpg
Better this way
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014091_zps76fdaade.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014092_zpsbf92cb13.jpg
Everything perfectly well maintained, ahem!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014093_zps102aca61.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014094_zpsb6c33e78.jpg
But it works
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014095_zps544104a5.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014096_zps2f44431f.jpg
And cloudy it is around "Letiště Václava Havla Praha"
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014097_zpse4de06d6.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014098_zpsd5fd2514.jpg
Touchdown at the 3715 meters "Zero-Six", 6.30 pm, 15 minutes ahead to schedule, 20 degrees and partly cloudy it is.
But the sun is out at the airport, perfect
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014099_zps4ff5e89d.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014100_zps490acbfd.jpg
The real Smartwings
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014101_zpsd5e1aa58.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014102_zpsedebbae2.jpg
Bye now to the Service, ok, at least the Travel Service!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014103_zpsbc8136fa.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014104_zps1782e3fa.jpg

Any ideas about the way back for the homebase?.
Straight, definitely!.
The Tripreporter

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