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Ahoj, dear readers,

a short visit it was, but it´s time now to leave the Czech Republic again*

Thanx to also this time:

Friday, 04.APR.2014

PRG (Letiště Václava Havla Praha)
VIE (Flughafen Wien-Schwechat)

Service OS 710 operated by Austrian Airlines 
Scheduled:  18.40  //  19.35

For the maps this way!.
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And here is 2015, at least till now!:*

This is "Letiště Václava Havla Praha",
are you sure?. It looks more like France to me!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014105_zps96115e63.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014106_zps70b0dbdf.jpg
Ok, check the screen and no lounge used here. The fare is 66.00 Euro´s managed by
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014107_zps4b0586d0.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014108_zps320e9e9f.jpg
Here are the fitting Odletys
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014109_zpsc0ece053.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014110_zps02b8017d.jpg
And the fitting plane type, too
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014111_zps0dbff028.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014112_zps22fd7ea5.jpg
Parked and ok for gate C13
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014113_zpsde45801f.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014114_zps0d9b4db9.jpg
Long gone this way
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014115_zpsc7cefad4.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014116_zps4f119d91.jpg
This is "Dnepropetrovsk", the Fokker 100 like on schedule. The second leg on OE-LVN after VIE-STR and leg no. 43 on the `100 at all. Since 27.11.1991 under the American and Jetsgo colours, 15 examples are in the actual fleet.
Two stories on the plane are here:
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014117_zpsad52b9ea.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014118_zps1e47cda5.jpg
The load is well distributed, biz 0%, eco 100% and 20C for me.
Czech also here, ok, no surprise
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014119_zps74d2ecc0.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014120_zps7eb21bac.jpg
Cabin crew is two women, one younger, one middle aged, both ok.
Cockpit crew is from Austria, the captain with a short welcome after boarding, some minutes to wait for our slot. The FO sounds not that really relaxed on the way with a short delay for our destination. No route or flightlevel info.
Looks like long this way
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014121_zps56c37513.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014122_zps634e5eec.jpg
And also full
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014123_zps150b8f69.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014124_zpsff1f2ea3.jpg
6.45 pm,  just 40 minutes by "Austrian" from the 3715 meters runway "Zero-Six", 20 degrees and partly coudy it is.
This is a modern style cabin, grey leather seats, lower legroom and where is the special green colour?.
The safety card
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014125_zps0f2a9f82.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014126_zps8747b485.jpg
Vöslauer for me, please
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014127_zps82f0d9ae.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014128_zps499c5f42.jpg
Touchdown at the 3600 meters runway "One-Six". 7.40 pm, very short after schedule, 17 cloudy degrees.
What means also finally at "Vienna International Airport" and ready to go for the next screen
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014129_zps944976a0.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014130_zpsd8abf5ae.jpg

Take care, more to come.
The Tripreporter

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