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"Blue and long it is!"

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The trip in one word:


Bonjour, dear readers,

there is a new plane type on view today,
now we will see if it really works this way!:*

Thanx to also this time:

There was something black not that long ago, the vids:

Friday, 04.APR.2014

STR (Flughafen Stuttgart-Manfred Rommel)
AMS (Luchthaven Schiphol)

Service KLM KL 1866 operated by KLM Cityhopper
Scheduled:  06.00  //  07.20

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What about 2015, at least till now!:*

Here we are, "Flughafen Stuttgart Manfred Rommel", early morning, nothing really new to me!.
Is there something blue to fly out today?.
So it looks like, but wait, a first view to the screens
and also a short visit to the Skyteam Lounge sounds necessary.
The fare is 51.00 Euro´s managed by
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014001_zps2f2fa3be.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014002_zpsb0e58847.jpg
Ah, here it is at gate 310. 06.00 am, perfectly ontime, 1.00 hour. "KLM" ready to go, hopefully, from runway "Zero-Seven" at 8 degrees.
"PH-EZY", the one without an individual name, old joke, an E190, new to the log and leg no. 32 on type.
A new machine, first in the air at 29.11.2013, 28 examples are in the fleet and there are no stories to show
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014004_zps77bb0e31.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014005_zps94cde684.jpg
Just for a cabin view with the dark blue leathers and the legroom is ok, sure, I like the E-jet, at least till now.
26D, the load is 100%, simply no open seat to spot, thanx to LH pilots on strike.
One senior english woman and one younger asian guy working the cabin, both nice.
Cockpit crew is from the Netherlands, the "Bevelhebber" with a nice and relaxed welcome during boarding and the FO twice nice also inflight dutch style. No route or flightlevel info
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014006_zpsaefd110f.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014007_zps746e5658.jpg
And a warm welcome to the original and premium dutch cheese creations together with free drinks, off course
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014008_zps1877492c.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014009_zps13cd504d.jpg
Arrived at "Luchthaven Schiphol" not that long thereafter.
Touchdown at "One-Eight-Center", 3300 meters, 07.15 am, short ahead to schedule, 12 degrees and fog
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014010_zpsa4eab0a8.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014012_zpsb5ea229d.jpg
For a view to the big board, isn´t it?
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014013_zps1b340626.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014014_zps8a435213.jpg

More to come?.
Well, maybe!.
The Tripreporter

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