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Bonjour, dear readers,

on the way for a new airline we are:*

Thanx to once more:

Friday, 04.APR.2014

AMS (Luchthaven Schiphol)
CDG (Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle)

The vid:

Service KL 1229 operated by KLM 
Scheduled:  08.00  //  09.25

Some few meters to walk now at "Luchthaven Schiphol" for this one at C5 and no chance at all for the lounge
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014015_zps98f322a8.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014016_zps32515286.jpg
Is it really true?
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014017_zps2367a88c.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014018_zpsaa537294.jpg
Yeah, it is!.
The very first time for me on the 737-900 with PH-BXS "Buzzard". Delivered to KLM at 27.10.2001, five examples are in the fleet.
Some interesting stories are to follow here:
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014019_zps22e8c6e5.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014020_zpsb938e8e6.jpg
Is it long?. Well, sometimes!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014021_zps3ec1f211.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014022_zps3860991f.jpg
Or it is an oversized 737 at all!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014024_zps0e8c5421.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014025_zps49bf77af.jpg
Not a bad parking stand above all, isn`t it?
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014026_zpse16e361b.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014027_zpsea31a3c9.jpg
Boarding right now
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014028_zps75240db5.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014029_zpsc7a6a905.jpg
Well, it is long from this point of view!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014030_zps19fd0ed4.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014031_zpsa8198492.jpg
08.25 am, some 25 minutes late, 45 minutes on "KLM", departure from runway "Two-four", 3500 meters, high fog and 12 degrees.
29C, legroom is ok this way with the blue red fabric seats, modern style
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014032_zpse7a8ddc7.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014033_zpsada57729.jpg
Cabin crew is two women, senior, nice, elder also nice and three men, senior, nice, elder, ok, middle aged, nice.
Chicken, not for me, please!.
A 100% load, not a single open seat to spot, ok, ok, it´s an LH strike day
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014034_zps3191ae44.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014035_zps4c4e8e8b.jpg
Cockpit crew is from the Netherlands, the "Piloot" with a nice welcome during boarding and once again nice, detailed inflight. The FO short to approach, routing is via Rotterdam, no flightlevel info.
737-900, sounds good, whatever it means!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014036_zps1526abc5.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014037_zps012f41b8.jpg
It seems we are not alone here at "Aéroport Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Roissy Airport".
2700 meters "Two-Seven-Right" for touchdown, 12 degrees and high fog
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014038_zpse3323f24.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014040_zps54fe1e7c.jpg
And a city view should be possible after a ride on the dirty, rattling and rolling TER train, but ok it works
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014041_zps39da392a.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014042_zpsd0b788a0.jpg
Fresh it looks like around "Chatelet-Les Halles"
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014043_zpsaa873471.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014044_zps2c1bdc81.jpg
To fresh for the tourists, sure ok
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014045_zpsc1cdd648.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014046_zps52cd2f14.jpg
Lot´s of things to see and do here
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014047_zpsaf651875.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014048_zps33495726.jpg
This way, please
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014049_zpsf584f0b8.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014050_zpsef161859.jpg
Where is the "Louvre" and where are all the beggars?
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014051_zps92045b9a.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014052_zps53889d89.jpg
I should go more often here
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014053_zpsc5db3e8f.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014054_zps1e96d33b.jpg
To cold for beggar biz!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014055_zpsb95121e7.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014056_zps3417a9a0.jpg
Now I know where we are, London it is, definitely!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014057_zpsbeed1424.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014058_zps67a8ccb9.jpg
For the well decorated bridge
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014059_zpsf33d5976.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014060_zps1ad76167.jpg
Just in case there is something wrong, ring the bell here!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014061_zps5345e18d.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014062_zpsab155fc2.jpg
And finally back for the airport to catch something new, hopefully!
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014063_zpsed6c2b3c.jpg
 photo CZECHAPRIL2014064_zps3b40b44f.jpg

Hey, wait, this is a new story:

 photo CZECHAPRIL2014084_zps1f587bc9.jpg

Sure, the conclusions:
1.)KLC STR-AMS: Full and shaky to start the day.
2.)KLM AMS-CDG: Short, swift and again full.

Au revoir,
take care, the Tripreporter.

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