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down for the south it is this time:*

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Tuesday, 04.03.2014

TOS (Tromsø lufthavn, Langnes)
OSL (Oslo lufthavn)

The vid:

Service SK 4409 operated by SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Scheduled:  08.30  //  10.20

Here we are with a couple of visited airports:

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The Tripreporter 2013 data:

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2015, at least till now!:*

Now that was swift, no need to leave the plane and also no chance to see the lounge, ok, there is no lounge here anyway!. A couple of pax out, just by surprise more than expected, a couple of pax in, much more than expected and onwards we go from "Tromsø lufthavn Langnes" southern side this time.
8.20 am, ten minutes ahead to schedule, "Scandinavian" for 1.50 hours from runway "One-Nine", the same like on arrivals.
Sunny it is and the temperature is -2 degrees.
The very same crew works the flight again.
The "Pilot" with a nice and detailed welcome inflight and the FO with a short notice during approach later on.  No route info but flightlevel is 38000 feet
 photo NORWAY032014319_zpsec3a617e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014320_zps9584ea47.jpg
And what´s this?
 photo NORWAY032014321_zps56350cdb.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014322_zps71d2c4bd.jpg
Leg no. 47 on the 737 certainly.
The load is 100%, no open seat to spot.
25B again and what a joke, an elder pax asked me to change my seat for his comfy middle seat a couple of rows in front. No way, definitely no way.
The scenery is well, stunning
 photo NORWAY032014323_zpsf0c0ce99.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014324_zps66a524c2.jpg
And finally "Oslo lufthavn", touchdown at the 2950 meters runway "One-Nine-Left". 10.10 am, ten minutes ahead to schedule at + 1 degrees and snow
 photo NORWAY032014325_zps22f1aa65.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014326_zps5067b461.jpg
Under the wing, you know
 photo NORWAY032014327_zpsebb76958.jpg

Oslo it is once more, nothing wrong with that!.
Take care.
The Tripreporter

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