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Hei, hello dear readers,

famous last legs, isn´t it?:*

Thanx to once again:

Tuesday, 04.03.2014

The vid:

CPH (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup)
STR (Flughafen Stuttgart)

Service SK 1655 operated by SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Scheduled:  15.40  //  17.15

What about the first 200 visited airports?:

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Some more, maybe?:

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2015, maybe?:*

One viking per flight is good with me!.
And this is "Bertil Viking", OY-KFC, the CRJ-900 like on schedule.
A new one for me?.
At least it´s leg no. 22 on type, done on STR-CPH and also CPH-STR before.
In service since 20.02.2009 and 12 examples are in the fleet actually.
Stories?. Sure!:
 photo NORWAY032014344_zpsbf52916f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014345_zpscf9313a0.jpg
Gate C7 right now at "Københavns Lufthavn Kastrup", 3.35 pm, short ahead to schedule, 1.25 hours more by "Scandinavian" from the 3300 meters "Two-Two-Left".
6 degrees and rain showers now.
The small compartment down there looks like as special as always!
 photo NORWAY032014346_zps09d0b039.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014348_zpsd9cd659d.jpg
Are you sure?
 photo NORWAY032014349_zps02bb640b.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014347_zps5bdf7112.jpg
Just a cabin impression
 photo NORWAY032014350_zpsd4926a2e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014351_zps62afd135.jpg
Legroom is ok with the dark blue fabric seats, well used once again and the load is 80%.
The last row window shows me two seats just for me!
 photo NORWAY032014352_zpsed5b164a.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014353_zps789b68db.jpg
Cockpit crew is really nice, the "Pilot" with a detailed welcome during boarding.
All crew introduced by name and a realxed bye-bye during the approach.
No route or flightlevel info and the service is BOB.
Cabin crew is two women, one senior,  nice and another also nice, middle aged.
Cloudy it is
 photo NORWAY032014354_zpsb0a86d35.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014355_zps2f06a6c0.jpg
No, no more Paris please, I should take the next flight immediatelly!
 photo NORWAY032014356_zps05c43b8e.jpg
The "Flughafen Stuttgart" is not that far to go anymore, touchdown at "Two-Five" and back at the homebase at 5.00 pm or also 15 minutes ahead to schedule with 10 partly cloudy degrees.

The conclusions:
1.)SAS ALF-TOS: Stunning views once again.
2.)SAS TOS-OSL: Sunny and sleepy for the snow show.
3.)SAS OSL-CPH: Calm it is on the way for Denmark.
4.)SAS CPH-STR: Comy so far for the

Well, is there something more to fly or is it enough right now?.
It isn´t enough!.
Sunny side up, you know!:

 photo ESPAGNA032014276_zps54fca8db.jpg

Farvel and take care.
The Tripreporter

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