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Should this really be a dedication to do, then in the Nordic countries. I like them!

 photo NORWAY032014313_zps7490f2ad.jpg

The trip in one word:


"Should I really leave the north after this majestic experience the last night?"

Hei, hello dear readers,

heading north was the theme to start the travel month with the vids:

For the lights, please, the vids:

That´s the way to go today:*

Thanx to once more:

Tuesday, 04.03.2014

ALF (Alta lufthavn)
TOS (Tromsø lufthavn, Langnes)

The vid:

Service SK 4409 operated by SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Scheduled:  07.35  //  08.10

What about the visited airports?:

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And two or three more, for example ALF with no. 292!:

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And the recorded plane types, too:

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All the visited countries, just for the case:

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The Tripreporter 2013 log:

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And here is 2014:

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And this is flying 2015, at least till now!:*

An early good morning greeting from northern Norway after one of these short, rather short, travel nights.
But worth it it was, oh yes.
Not sure where these lightnings in my mind coming from. Maybe Aurea Borealis is baked?.
Ok, breakfast is ready roomside
and just a couple of minutes thereafter the preordered this time taxi is also ready for the ride to the airport.
It was cheap?. Joke, this is Norway!
 photo NORWAY032014255_zps8cfcd5e5.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014256_zps884ab38f.jpg
Clean, functional and simply no one else here beside me at "Alta lufthavn". But I´am close to sure that the time is right for my upcoming flights
 photo NORWAY032014257_zpsc1e27348.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014258_zps43ca8b15.jpg
Chilly it is outdoor, lovely 11 degrees but on the negative side, ok nothing else expected during this time of the year in the north
 photo NORWAY032014259_zps1df8a7e7.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014260_zpsfdbf3d1c.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014262_zpsa42bce88.jpg
Better to stay indoor, isn´t it?.
Also when there is no lounge on offer
 photo NORWAY032014264_zps1a2bbcc8.jpg
Wideroe today?
 photo NORWAY032014265_zps4e226929.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014266_zps7c73e26f.jpg
Or this one and just by surprise there is also a SK plane here!
 photo NORWAY032014269_zpsfccf9b87.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014270_zps5cbc4854.jpg
And exactly this one is on final preparations to fly for somewhere else so it looks like
 photo NORWAY032014271_zps1eb4f11d.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014272_zpsc116b17e.jpg
Now these yellow sign on the screen fits to my expectations for a couple of more northern style pictures!
 photo NORWAY032014273_zps75470352.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014274_zpsf454febf.jpg
Out for the frosty apron to board
LN-RPK "Heimer Viking", the 737-700 like the schedule told me.
Leg no. 46 on type and a new entry to the log. 30 ´700´s are in the actual fleet and this one is in the air since 31.03.2000 with SK only.
There are no stories to show here
 photo NORWAY032014275_zpsc9a1611f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014276_zps75ebde1f.jpg
For Russia this way
 photo NORWAY032014277_zps452afc28.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014278_zps645288bf.jpg
Tripsta secured the ticket details, four legs on the confirmation and just 35.00 Euro´s per leg it is
 photo NORWAY032014279_zps1a70ca39.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014280_zps6843cd0c.jpg
It´s 07.25 am, well ahead to schedule,  just 25 "Scandinavian" minutes from the 2253 meters runway "Two-Nine" at lovely 11, ahem negative, degrees.
For a view from above
 photo NORWAY032014281_zpsa3f6dcb2.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014282_zpsbac4257f.jpg
Cabin crew is one elder male, nice, one elder biz style woman and also a middle aged woman, large slim, long black hair, really nice.
Low level cruising above the bay of Alta
 photo NORWAY032014283_zps629b9015.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014284_zps0e65ae01.jpg
Cockpit crew is the male "Kaptein" with a short, experienced style welcome during boarding and the female FO with a nice bye-bye during approach.
No route or flightlevel data.
Power to gain some height!
 photo NORWAY032014285_zpsd23d4fa6.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014286_zps299e89f0.jpg
Blue, white and the wing in between looks like nice, isn´t it?
 photo NORWAY032014287_zpsa6a1320f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014288_zpse74e142c.jpg
Where the snow is
 photo NORWAY032014289_zps5e77521b.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014290_zpsca5a1776.jpg
But just wait a moment, there is something else to picture than the scenery.
For example the dark blue fabric seats, really well used to say the least and the legroom is ok with the last row, 25B, just a two seater and these two are for me.
The load is 40%
 photo NORWAY032014291_zpse8092b06.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014292_zps4fff889b.jpg
And for example the safety card
 photo NORWAY032014293_zps43780827.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014294_zps67e33975.jpg
Or also the snackbox
 photo NORWAY032014295_zpsa1eef130.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014296_zps5eec8f0a.jpg
Low level cruising in direction Tromso
 photo NORWAY032014297_zps7b838669.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014298_zps91ca97d8.jpg
Yeah, it feels like really low level cruising
 photo NORWAY032014299_zps9b01ebc6.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014300_zps77f58b2a.jpg
Yes, I like flying this way
 photo NORWAY032014301_zpsd198cb9d.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014302_zps8595aca6.jpg
And the sun in between the clouds, lovely
 photo NORWAY032014303_zpsfb966d0d.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014304_zps12fa7784.jpg
Down the fjord
 photo NORWAY032014305_zps66b8dd06.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014306_zps65cdffdf.jpg
Just some mountain peaks around close to Tromso
 photo NORWAY032014307_zps338ac661.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014308_zps06fdbb11.jpg
Ah, yes, call it a scenic approach
 photo NORWAY032014309_zpsaa031ab5.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014310_zps297d72cd.jpg
Close to the mountains
 photo NORWAY032014311_zps9af3beaf.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014312_zpsde119d9a.jpg
Down the valley
 photo NORWAY032014313_zps7490f2ad.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014314_zps9b175ede.jpg
And above the snowy peaks
 photo NORWAY032014315_zpsaa603799.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014316_zps8e21285e.jpg
Looks like good with the sun above, isn´t it?
 photo NORWAY032014317_zps42062362.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014318_zpse10ea039.jpg
Touchdown at "Tromsø lufthavn Langnes" just a couple of minutes later at the 2447 meters "One-Nine".
7.55 am it is, what means also 15 minutes ahead to schedule at -2 degrees and a partly cloudy sky.

Tromso it is, but just for a swift change of planes, or not?.
Take care.
The Tripreporter

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