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Hei, hello dear readers,

just a little bit further in direction homebase:*

Thanx to, also this time:

Tuesday, 04.03.2014

OSL (Oslo lufthavn)
CPH (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup)

The vid:

Service SK 1467 operated by SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Scheduled:  11.50  //  13.00

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2015, at least till now, more to come, if nothing turns wrong:*

Just a bit further southern side it is now.
Everything ok on the screen leaving "Oslo lufthavn"?
 photo NORWAY032014328_zpsc076ecca.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014329_zps99fddc7d.jpg
Gate 44, ok, but there is something wrong here. No Icelandair for me at all!
 photo NORWAY032014330_zps7de7de4c.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014331_zpsb9fde882.jpg
This is LN-RRM better known as "Erland Viking", the 737-700 like on schedule.
Leg no. 48 on type and done once before on BGO-OSL
 photo NORWAY032014332_zps42cff0d5.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014333_zpsff29aa87.jpg
In the air and around with the SK group since 12.01.2000. 30 planes on type are in the fleet and there are no stories to show here
 photo NORWAY032014336_zps5bade149.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014337_zps25e774c7.jpg
Boarding now, no lounge here used to say the least
 photo NORWAY032014338_zpsda75200b.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014339_zps248f99e3.jpg
11.45 am what also means short ahead to schedule and also means 50 "Scandinavian" minutes from the 2950 meters  "One-Nine-Left". + 1 degrees, yeah and snowy showers!.
The legroom is ok here with the dark blue fabric seats, the oldfashioned examples. Well used to say the least it is with a 70% load today.
25 A/B, the last row two seater again and the aisle remains open this time
 photo NORWAY032014340_zpsfceb35a5.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014341_zps19124c00.jpg
Cabin crew is all female, one senior biz at it´s best, one middle aged black hair, ok and one younger, dark blonde hair, not that large, well built, really nice.
Cockpit crew is from Scandinavia.
The  "Skipper" with a nice welcome in an experienced style during boarding.
Once more nice inflight and detailed, too and also during the early approach.
Service is BOB and flightlevel 39000 feet, no route details to follow.
Well, I should definitely go to Paris somedays!
 photo NORWAY032014342_zps49ae6ed9.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014343_zps1e7743f4.jpg
"Zero-Four-Left", 3600 meters, "Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup" finally reached at 12.50 am, ten minutes ahead to schedule, 6 degrees and thick fog, really thick fog here.

The famous last leg to come, hopefully!.
Take care.
The Tripreporter

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