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God dag, a good day, dear readers,

leaving the fog and checking the snow right now. Ok?:*

Thanx to once again:

Sunday, 02.03.2014

CPH (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup)
OSL (Oslo lufthavn)

The vid:

Service SK 1456 operated by SAS Scandinavian Airlines 
Scheduled:  13.30  //  14.40

What about the visited airports?:

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More, maybe?:

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The checked airlines, too?:

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And the recorded plane types also?:

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And well, trust me, 2015 is open!:*

Well, also in Denmark it´s winter time and this means a foggy day here.
For real I don´t remember such a thick fog situation since a long time ago
 photo NORWAY032014016_zps1ba6ba0b.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014017_zpse5a30850.jpg
It doesn´t looks like better, but there are no major delay´s on the screen. The Scandic´s know how to deal with it
 photo NORWAY032014018_zpsa6bb3ff5.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014019_zps8e6cf148.jpg
This is the second part on the Tripsta confirmation, the fare is 55.00 Euro´s.
No time to use a lounge here.
That´s me now at gate B2
 photo NORWAY032014020_zpsba48704c.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014021_zps54fada4d.jpg
There is a 737-600 on schedule, but LN-RNN "Borgny Viking" is for sure a 737-700.
Done on OSL-FRA once and leg no. 45 on type
 photo NORWAY032014022_zpsed8c998e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014023_zpsaf17d18c.jpg
Since 20.10.2000 with SK and different registrations.
The company operates 30 planes on type and here are two stories:
 photo NORWAY032014024_zps9c0ddfcf.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014025_zps956e8d22.jpg
Boarding now, ok
 photo NORWAY032014026_zpsf4a3f593.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014027_zpsc2839f9f.jpg
The "Pilot" with a short welcome during boarding only and the whole crew is from Scandinavia.
No route or flighlevel info.
By now to "Københavns Lufthavn",
it is 1.20 pm, short ahead to schedule, 1.00 hours from the 3600 meters "Two-Two-Right".
2 degrees and foggy it is, definitely
  photo NORWAY032014028_zps333cce59.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014029_zps68707a9b.jpg
Cabin crew  is one nice elder female,
one also elder asian, ok and one middle aged, longer brown hair, nice, ok, but not that really nice.
Service is free water, coffee, tea.
Some retro style cabin details.
Dark blue fabric seats, well used and the legroom is ok
 photo NORWAY032014030_zpsadd1c498.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014031_zps5ed01cee.jpg
The load is 70%, no biz to see at all.
25B, the last row and two for me.
English only here
 photo NORWAY032014033_zpsf3aef1db.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014034_zps9cfb7676.jpg
Just for the case to store something special
 photo NORWAY032014035_zpsae3dcd37.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014036_zps653efb79.jpg
Spring in Paris, ok, but not only for me
 photo NORWAY032014037_zps1d3487b0.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014038_zpsbc6cf563.jpg
"Oslo Lufthavn" and touchdown at the 3600 meters "One-Nine-Right", 2.20 pm, 20 minutes ahead to schedule at snowy -2 degrees.
Talking about winter time, it seems that fits
 photo NORWAY032014039_zpsc767ba68.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014040_zpsfbcc82e2.jpg
I have no clue, what´s this with these white pieces all around coming down from the sky
 photo NORWAY032014041_zps3b6536b0.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014042_zpsa585290c.jpg

More snow and ice maybe?.
Well, we will see!.
Take care.
The Tripreporter.

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