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This story is dedicated to mother nature. It´s close to unbelievable to follow this show!.

 photo NORWAY032014143_zps9e5c8ca5.jpg

The trip in one word:


"How far up the north should we go to follow the show?"

Hei, hello dear readers,

March 2014 started with a couple of flights around the nordic skies.
Here are the vids:

But it seems this is not far north enough!:*

Thanx to once again:

Monday, 03.03.2014

TOS (Tromsø lufthavn, Langnes)
KKN (Kirkenes lufthavn, Høybuktmoen)

The vid:

Service DY 310 operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle
Scheduled:  10.35  //  11.30

Some visited airports are to see here:

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And a couple more, maybe?:

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The checked airlines, too:

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And also the recorded plane types:

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The visited countries:

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The Tripreporter 2013 log:

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And also 2014:

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And well, trust me, 2015 is also open!:*

A chilly fresh good morning fom Tromso.
The Smarthotel as the place to stay for the night was, lucky me, well heated and now I should have something for breakfast.
Something like this
 photo NORWAY032014108_zpse43ebe32.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014107_zps5d249ce9.jpg
Or maybe like this?
 photo NORWAY032014110_zps41df22ee.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014109_zps661a5da0.jpg
Don´t miss an early walk, isn´t it?
 photo NORWAY032014111_zps1f278941.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014112_zps4be40a21.jpg
Ok, it´s cold here, really cold and the Flybussen is running soon, hopefully at least!
 photo NORWAY032014113_zpsb7ace481.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014114_zpsf7d797b3.jpg
Reliable it is, nothing else expected and soon thereafter I´am at the "Tromsø Lufthavn, Langnes"
 photo NORWAY032014117_zpse83a323e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014116_zpse5a993f1.jpg
And what´s on the screen?
 photo NORWAY032014115_zps0583734b.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014124_zps2c80122f.jpg
The right place at the right time. Someone decided that I´am good to enjoy a sunny clear day. Well, snow and sun looks like good, isn´t it?
 photo NORWAY032014118_zps76242056.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014123_zps01b189a3.jpg
And this type of plane fit´s perfectly!
 photo NORWAY032014122_zpsf5b9b794.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014119_zps470d144d.jpg
Is there something on finals?
 photo NORWAY032014125_zps62cab7bc.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014126_zps1f73f2a2.jpg
Not that much action here right now
and also no lounge on offer
 photo NORWAY032014127_zps88720c40.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014128_zps75a1e479.jpg
Ok, give me a classic anyday
 photo NORWAY032014129_zps33c52ba1.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014130_zps1eb98241.jpg
This one maybe from gate 23?
 photo NORWAY032014131_zps940d3ee5.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014132_zpse742da4c.jpg
Come closer, please!
 photo NORWAY032014133_zpsb81df09c.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014134_zpsbbb201a7.jpg
Ready for service
 photo NORWAY032014135_zps3245808f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014137_zps35b8bacf.jpg
By the way, this ticket is fixed with Norwegian directly and the fare is
just 45.00 Euro´s.
Check-In is done at the airport and the SSK printed my boarding paper
 photo NORWAY032014138_zps67289669.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014139_zpse298b028.jpg
What about this green example?.
Maybe later?.
Anyway my plane likes to go with or without me!.
And with this weather conditions better with me!.
And trust me, a windowseat is worth it from time to time.
25F, the last row and three for me.
10.45 am, just a couple of minutes late,   40 minutes to fly by "Nor Shuttle" and the 2447 meters runway "One-Nine" it is.
0 degrees and sunny it is, more than perfectly sunny!.
Cabin crew is all female, one woman with black hair, ok, middle aged, one with brown hair younger, slim, not that large, nice.
One blonde, middle aged, ponytail, fit´s well to the red Norwegian scarf, really nice.
No service cart on the run, pax should press the button if they like something to eat or drink, interesting to say the least.
The very first row is taken by Scandinavian guy´s, the "Kaptein" with infos in a nice style inflight.
Nothing about the route or flightlevel.
Well, switch on the IFE, my IFE, isn´t it?
 photo NORWAY032014141_zps5971b38f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014142_zpsfdc7287e.jpg
With a sharp left turn right after departure
 photo NORWAY032014144_zps09475f9c.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014145_zpsb4f01817.jpg
Where is the snow?.
Like someone asked from time to time!
 photo NORWAY032014146_zps42bde087.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014147_zps66986f97.jpg
Here it is, certainly!
 photo NORWAY032014148_zps44d0e070.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014149_zps3d09470f.jpg
Just a very few number of clouds around
 photo NORWAY032014150_zps8f0abb93.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014151_zps708fdec1.jpg
And the golden lake
 photo NORWAY032014152_zpsf805366e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014153_zps4dd77df6.jpg
More pictures, sure!
 photo NORWAY032014154_zpsea7affbb.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014155_zps7e229433.jpg
More mountains, more sun, more snow
 photo NORWAY032014156_zps5d592064.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014157_zpsc89a9613.jpg
And do not forget, more lakes!
 photo NORWAY032014158_zps6d503cae.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014159_zps1a73841f.jpg
And sure, much more sun please!
 photo NORWAY032014160_zps57c9d767.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014161_zps034f7cde.jpg
Trust me, there is also something inside these plane!.
Something like dark blue leather seats, oldfashioned, well used and low legroom
 photo NORWAY032014162_zps8d84f73e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014163_zps60c15faf.jpg
Well, this is a classic 737-300, LN-KKD, no individual name to notice.
One of 9 in the actual fleet and in the air since 23.08.1999 with EasyJet, EasyJetSwitzerland and Virgin Nigeria.
Leg no. 58 on type and hard to believe, done once before by EZY on the GLA-STN route years ago.
Stories?. Sure!:
 photo NORWAY032014164_zps54cf46c9.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014165_zpsf260a11a.jpg
No, I don´t need anything else beside the window show!
 photo NORWAY032014166_zps5afaed6e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014167_zpsee811845.jpg
Cold and foggy it looks like in eastern direction
 photo NORWAY032014168_zps193f27a6.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014169_zpsf6e4b655.jpg
Ice floes?. Is this a sign of cold air down there?
 photo NORWAY032014170_zps62682f1f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014171_zpsb3338a48.jpg
Well, it looks like this way
 photo NORWAY032014172_zpsf24618b2.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014173_zpsda3a20fd.jpg
Call it a scenic approach above frozen lakes and the all white scenery
 photo NORWAY032014174_zpsc91756a2.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014175_zps72f19d6b.jpg
Any signs of human life?
 photo NORWAY032014176_zpsea7fe25d.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014177_zpsa6fa0d03.jpg
Not sure, no!
 photo NORWAY032014178_zpsb518025a.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014179_zps48c0ef3c.jpg
Touchdown at the 2115 meters runway "Two-Four". It is "Kirkenes Lufthavn Høybuktmoen", really. 11.30 am, what means ontime. -6 degrees and high fog.
Ah, the green examples are also here but there is a free parking spot for us available
 photo NORWAY032014180_zps4d2e105a.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014181_zps3195b3b9.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014182_zps23ac9cf8.jpg
Do not miss an under-the-wing shot, you know!
 photo NORWAY032014183_zps1f1e1958.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014184_zpsbe06ada1.jpg
And take care, take extremely care,
it´s slippery on the apron. I´ve made it without something broken, lucky me!
 photo NORWAY032014185_zps8ec7ffb8.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014186_zpsb0db0d5d.jpg
Well, is this really Norway?. All russian plates in front off the terminal.
The border tower for a closer view into Russia
 photo NORWAY032014187_zps36ea0211.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014188_zpsfddf2f26.jpg

And soon, hopefully, on the way just a little bit further!.
The Tripreporter.

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