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God dag, a good day, dear readers,

snow in Oslo?. Sure?:*

Thanx to once again:

Sunday, 02.03.2014

OSL (Oslo lufthavn)
TOS (Tromsø lufthavn, Langnes)

The vid:

Service DY 384 operated by Norwegian Air Shuttle
Scheduled:  17.45  //  19.40

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And well, trust me, 2015 is here!:*

Well, more winter maybe in Tromso?
 photo NORWAY032014044_zpscda80879.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014045_zps89943849.jpg
Maybe, but at first more winter in  Oslo!
 photo NORWAY032014046_zps806bc20d.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014047_zps5073297d.jpg
Ahem, much more winter than ever expected here in Oslo
 photo NORWAY032014048_zpsf4b16a3f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014049_zps0a7bc8a3.jpg
Where is the taxiway?
 photo NORWAY032014050_zps677f8a31.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014051_zpsca88f558.jpg
Feel free to find you´re way.
No lounge used here today
 photo NORWAY032014052_zps20e9f325.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014053_zpsdcc9fc01.jpg
The classic for me, maybe?
 photo NORWAY032014054_zps9982bc75.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014055_zps78e0bf2f.jpg
It´s a joke isn´t it?. I spend my time in Oslo out at the gate with no one else around to follow the movements. Walked back to the  main terminal to see whats going on by the screen, only to notice that my gate is now exactly the one where I´ve been all the time before, 19E
 photo NORWAY032014056_zpsfd29c66e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014057_zps1d9be4f8.jpg
Nothing to worry, snow is standard procedure here
 photo NORWAY032014058_zpsf9b25664.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014059_zps7a5807ba.jpg
Truly and finally parked!
 photo NORWAY032014060_zpsbead192c.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014061_zps5f663feb.jpg
Ready for service
 photo NORWAY032014062_zpse2221ffb.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014063_zps4fe7ec87.jpg
Norwegian means a red fuselage, at least usually!
 photo NORWAY032014064_zpse00e5202.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014065_zps39cdd4e2.jpg
The guys at work
 photo NORWAY032014066_zps3d320c5b.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014067_zps9c311546.jpg
This is LN-KKW, no individual name to notice, a 737-800 is on schedule,
not the classic 737-300 like it is.
Leg no. 57 on type, new to the log.
Call it an oldie, in the air since 07.12.1989 with Air Atlantis, TAP, Euro Atlantic Airways, BRA Transportes Aereos and finally Norwegian.
There are 9 planes on type still in the fleet and this is the oldest example.
Two stories are here:
 photo NORWAY032014068_zps3c9a783e.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014069_zpsddf22848.jpg
6.00 pm with a weather related 15 minutes delay we leave the "Oslo Lufthavn" from the 2950 meters "One-Nine-Left". Snow, 2 negative degrees and 1.45 hours to fly.
OLCI works well 24 hours prior to departure but there is no seat change possible without extra payment. The fare is 90.00 Euro´s, booked directly via the companies website.
And yes, this is a Norwegian themed cabin.
The load is very close to 100%.
24C for me, the second to last row. The window is taken and the middle seat is open.
A very special announcement is to hear. There is one pax to much        aboard. Please check the BP and press the button if there is something wrong
 photo NORWAY032014071_zps57047f71.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014072_zps24df71a0.jpg
Dark blue grey leather seats and low legroom with the classic retro buttons
 photo NORWAY032014073_zps1b3626af.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014074_zps6ea13e87.jpg
Cabin crew is one middle aged nice male and two women, one middle aged, long brown hair, nice
and one younger, large slim black ponytail, nice.
Service is BOB.
Riding through the night
 photo NORWAY032014075_zps79c6d429.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014076_zps60eddc1d.jpg
Till Tromso.
Cockpit crew is from Norway with the "Kaptein" to hear and a nice, detailed welcome during boarding. The pax divergence sorted and an delay apologize. He is once again to hear short prior to approach.
No route or flightlevel info
 photo NORWAY032014077_zpsa3ed86a1.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014080_zps35b21236.jpg
Touchdown at "Tromsø lufthavn, Langnes" and the 2447 meters runway "Zero-One". 2 negative degrees at 08.00 pm, 20 minutes late. Always these under-the-wing shots, you know!
 photo NORWAY032014081_zps63d9c2d4.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014082_zps1cbd6ff1.jpg
No snow here on the apron, but fresh, ahem cold it is surrounded by a gusty blowing wind
 photo NORWAY032014083_zps90b8b0c8.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014084_zps12d09bba.jpg
This way, please!
 photo NORWAY032014085_zpse2b96098.jpg
Bye now to Norwegian.
Flybussen moves me through the nightly streets and tunnels for the city center.
Where I should have to walk a couple of meters for my accomodation, the Smarthotel Tromso
 photo NORWAY032014087_zps670405e7.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014088_zps24bbf13c.jpg
This is at least for Norwegian standards not that expensive, but it  is also an masterpiece from these "you do not get lost here" properties
 photo NORWAY032014089_zps12b2e851.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014090_zpse1679e12.jpg
Sure, I like these nightly city views much more southern side with a warm wind. But hey, I should go now also when it´s cold, really cold
 photo NORWAY032014091_zps80f6fdda.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014092_zpsec726608.jpg
Looks like nice, isn´t it?
 photo NORWAY032014093_zps575568a0.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014094_zps4cbba78b.jpg
And especially with these monument up the hill
 photo NORWAY032014095_zps342328fc.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014096_zpsc2c6cddc.jpg
Ok, ok, I like it this way
 photo NORWAY032014097_zps8b5a2e33.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014098_zpsfaf44de7.jpg
Party time here tonight?
 photo NORWAY032014099_zps92079639.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014100_zps359146b2.jpg
The modern style Bibliotek not far from the hotel
 photo NORWAY032014101_zps024a63fd.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014102_zps293477b5.jpg
Ice sculptures, no, it´s not cold here, certainly not!
 photo NORWAY032014103_zps62579611.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014104_zpsb982b7a3.jpg
The church and a hopefully well heated hotel
 photo NORWAY032014105_zps4d29dd3f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014106_zps138c7e4d.jpg
Ok, time to take a nap right now, one of these short examples!.

Here are the conclusions:
1.)Cimber Air STR-CPH: The calm service to start the trip.
2.)SAS CPH-OSL: Short and quiet up for Norway.
3.)Norwegian OSL-TOS: A sleepy
evening Norwegian style.

How far up the north should I go?:

 photo NORWAY032014190_zpse0ad95e0.jpg

Are the flights ok, also during this time of the year?:

 photo NORWAY032014177_zpsa6fa0d03.jpg

Is there maybe also some sun to see above snow covered mountains?:

 photo NORWAY032014143_zps9e5c8ca5.jpg

And most important, great thanx to Trond, the right place at the right time, there is really a light to see.
And believe me it is not cold, no way, when you spend you´re evening at more than 20 negative degrees on a mountain top, thanx to Trond again, with a Sami tent to warm up from time to time:

 photo IMG_2076_zpse817bd42.jpg

Bye for na, take care.
The Tripreporter

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