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This trip is dedicated to an Norwegian guy with Sami background, doing the right things at the right time!

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The trip in one word:


"Sun, snow and lights up the north. Really?"

God dag, a good day, dear readers,
a new month, new travels.

Here are the vids with the last February trip, Greece it was:

I´am fascinated since a long time ago about a trip to the nordic countries during wintertime.
To explore the cold, the snow, the ice and maybe, just if I´am the lucky guy, the lights.
2014 and especially the late winter months seems like the actual statistics a good time to see some activities.
Let´s go, isn´t it?.*

Thanx to once more:

Sunday, 02.03.2014

STR (Flughafen Stuttgart)
CPH (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup)

The video:

Service SAS Scandinavian Airlines SK 668 operated by Cimber A/S
Scheduled:  10.00  //  11.30

Here are all the visited airports:

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And more, maybe?:

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The checked airlines:

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And the recorded plane types:

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The visited countries:

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The Tripreporter 2013 data:

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And 2014:

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And well, trust me, 2015!:*

Call it a lazy late morning departure.
Joining the office crowd to spend some more or less relaxed time on the motorway and
arrived at STR´s P0 well ontime.
Two nights to stay here for the car,
sure ok, so it seems, with these cute one right beside, like the last time!.
OLCI works well with, no SK, LH´s website for STR departures. Tripsta secured the ticket details, two legs on the confirmation and the fare per leg is 55.00 Euro´s.
There is just the paper to catch now from the SSK´s. It works!.
So, what´s going on at the screen?.
My plane should be here by now ready to leave the "Flughafen Stuttgart" again from gate 164
 photo NORWAY032014001_zpse98c106d.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014002_zpsbbea8bd4.jpg
No time to wait during this time of the day at security, up for the lounge and soon thereafter down again for the bus gates.
Just to see this one
 photo NORWAY032014003_zpsb8ebe158.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014004_zps71e371c3.jpg
OY-RJL "Juan de Juanes", the CRJ-200 like on schedule.
Leg no. 9 on type and new to the log.
In the air since 10.07.2002 with Air Nostrum and nowadays Cimber.
Two examples are in the fleet.
No articles found with the plane
 photo NORWAY032014005_zps38e9323d.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014006_zps52404954.jpg
The load is 100%, no open seat to spot at all also in biz.
Well, the ground staff looks somewhat helpless, there are much to much pieces of luggage for the tiny compartment here and finally we leave with a good number of bags not loaded still on the cart
 photo NORWAY032014008_zpsbbcc488d.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014007_zps65643d25.jpg
09.55 am, short ahead to schedule,   1.15 hours, "Cimber" on departure from runway "Two-Five".
3 degrees and rain showers.
Spanish, sure spanish fits perfectly to a danish registered plane on the way for Denmark!
 photo NORWAY032014009_zps4927a08a.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014010_zps37fff68b.jpg
Cabin crew is one middle aged nice woman, long black hair and nice talking during late boarding.
Service is free water, coffee, tea.
14 D for me, the last row aisle and the window is also taken.
Dark blue leather seats, legroom ok well used and also well loaded it is
 photo NORWAY032014011_zpsa2c270ce.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014012_zps009e03f1.jpg
Cockpit crew is from Denmark, the
"Kaptajn" with a nice welcome during boarding, experienced style and short once again prior to approach. No route or flightlevel info at all.
Now, that fit´s!
 photo NORWAY032014013_zpsaa79db3f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014014_zpsed745662.jpg
Salida, sure and soon thereafter we are at "Københavns Lufthavn" and the 3300 meters runway "Two-Two-Left". 11.20 am, 10 minutes ahead to schedule and 3 rainy degrees
 photo NORWAY032014015_zpsa6f8f00f.jpg
 photo NORWAY032014016_zps1ba6ba0b.jpg

More to come, hopefully, take care.
The Tripreporter.

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