Donnerstag, 13. September 2018

No fresh air since 100 years


"No fresh air since 100 years",  at least, the cabin smells this way!.

 photo SAM_6420_zps2esspqa8.jpg

The routing:*

Service VLM Airlines VO 134  operated by OO-VLN

Scheduled:  11.30  //  12.45
Actual:  12.10  //  13.10

Call it an oldie, airside since 09.02.1989 with Busy Bee of Norway, CityJet, Vizion Air and VLM

No special stories are to report here

But for sure, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1665 at all and no. 7 on the Fokker 50.
More than 800 flight´s done since the last one!.

And the actual "Visited Airports" are here with a new entry.
MBX is no. 392 on the list:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Now we should leave the "Letališče Edvarda Rusjana Maribor" for the first and also maybe last time?. No more scheduled flights from this place right now.
Heading out for the "Flughafen München Franz Josef Strauß".
And here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_6403_zpsmyy3wh7u.jpg

 photo SAM_6404_zpss2fqctwk.jpg

 photo SAM_6405_zpsx4ktxvkt.jpg

 photo SAM_6406_zpshn50jovj.jpg

 photo SAM_6407_zpsgkn8plzs.jpg

 photo SAM_6408_zps8mzujk9n.jpg

 photo SAM_6410_zpslp5crzhn.jpg

 photo SAM_6411_zpsdud9o08y.jpg

 photo SAM_6412_zpsmedlh9lw.jpg

 photo SAM_6413_zpsjif1o9mg.jpg

 photo SAM_6414_zpspsfxrmya.jpg

 photo SAM_6415_zpsyancwc1b.jpg

 photo SAM_6416_zpss2x6xu1s.jpg

 photo SAM_6417_zps8ofzhlnx.jpg

 photo SAM_6418_zpstgna2aza.jpg

 photo SAM_6419_zps9w97fdmi.jpg

 photo SAM_6422_zps7inujo1n.jpg

 photo SAM_6423_zpsmlfaxlhr.jpg

 photo SAM_6424_zpsnehvs7tt.jpg

 photo SAM_6425_zpsvmxyndez.jpg

 photo SAM_6426_zps0duupsdq.jpg

 photo SAM_6427_zpsojjvnszk.jpg

 photo SAM_6428_zpsp8adpoxy.jpg

 photo SAM_6429_zpsxowmepdn.jpg

 photo SAM_6430_zpsxixvascl.jpg

 photo SAM_6431_zpsh5h8exxq.jpg

 photo SAM_6432_zpsy4fjveio.jpg

 photo SAM_6433_zpswxzbl94l.jpg

 photo SAM_6434_zps8rg97sop.jpg

 photo SAM_6435_zpsljfmpscd.jpg

 photo SAM_6436_zpsyjdyyogz.jpg

 photo SAM_6437_zpsctxra5rr.jpg

 photo SAM_6438_zpsr2zgah1m.jpg

 photo SAM_6439_zpspjpw7qiy.jpg

 photo SAM_6440_zpsb5qpv5wn.jpg

 photo SAM_6441_zpsy2fdhnke.jpg

 photo SAM_6443_zpsn9ipvqyd.jpg

Now that was really a special experience. Collecting MBX/Maribor on the last minute, not that I really knew it before!.
VLM as an airline is down nowadays and therefore also no more scheduled flights out of the airport are available.
The Fokker itself is long gone from European skies and all together lucky me to catch it this way. Ok, ok, also the smelly cabin is certainly accepted!.

More to come.
Bis bald.
The Tripreporter.

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