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The 44 years old Antonov youngster


"The 44 years old Antonov youngster". But no worries, it does the job perfectly!.

 photo SAM_5460_zps4ymgvfkk.jpg

The routing:*

Service Motor Sich Airlines M9 254 operated by UR-BXC

Scheduled:  09.50  //  11.10
Actual:  09.50  //  11.25

Well, call it a history!. Active since 28.08.1973 with Aeroflot, Bykovo Avia, Sultan Air, Mas Air and    Motor Sich Airlines

Nothing special is to show here

But definitely, the stat´s:
Leg no. 1636 at all and no. 1 on the Antonov An 24

Here are the early 200  Visited Airports:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Arrival at one of the City´s two airports the day before and leaving from the other, the "Міжнародний аеропорт  Київ Жуляни Igor Sikorsky Kyiv International Airport Zhuliany". Meeting a couple of friends and more Southern Style now for the "Міжнародний аеропорт Одеса Odessa International Airport".
Just one or two pictures are also here!:

 photo SAM_5442_zpsrszhdjb0.jpg

 photo SAM_5444_zpskj1x5gxy.jpg

 photo SAM_5445_zpsit9ine2s.jpg

 photo SAM_5446_zpsbzhxgfom.jpg

 photo SAM_5447_zpsq0vs3wqz.jpg

 photo SAM_5448_zpsgggjoqqy.jpg

 photo SAM_5449_zpsiipyz9eq.jpg

 photo SAM_5450_zpsh0dn3sm8.jpg

 photo SAM_5451_zpsmoptsure.jpg

 photo SAM_5452_zpswrs8ppgs.jpg

 photo SAM_5453_zpsf6vxwe5k.jpg

 photo SAM_5454_zpsl6nekhla.jpg

 photo SAM_5455_zpsboavhazt.jpg

 photo SAM_5456_zpscj6my9a9.jpg

 photo SAM_5457_zpsp2wnop7j.jpg

 photo SAM_5458_zpslcxev3iz.jpg

 photo SAM_5459_zpsu89q2bk4.jpg

 photo SAM_5461_zpsa5fwrmiq.jpg

 photo SAM_5463_zpsm28tih2m.jpg

 photo SAM_5465_zpsfy3dfb3o.jpg

 photo SAM_5466_zps2cwzk6zt.jpg

 photo SAM_5468_zpsdp2lbre8.jpg

 photo SAM_5469_zpsagk8niwl.jpg

 photo SAM_5470_zpsd9lybueo.jpg

 photo SAM_5471_zpswc9c3phw.jpg

 photo SAM_5472_zpshxvqr2dd.jpg

 photo SAM_5473_zpse8sfhdwv.jpg

 photo SAM_5474_zpsgineh6uj.jpg

 photo SAM_5475_zpsaleb9tlq.jpg

 photo SAM_5476_zps9rmjx2c6.jpg

 photo SAM_5477_zpsyqcyfsvt.jpg

 photo SAM_5478_zpsrizbbbgz.jpg

 photo SAM_5479_zpsdebi3ur0.jpg

 photo SAM_5480_zps8vmxakg8.jpg

 photo SAM_5481_zpssfccvjah.jpg

 photo SAM_5482_zpsbvoymsgr.jpg

 photo SAM_5483_zpsbd0i5sa2.jpg

 photo SAM_5484_zpstod69xhs.jpg

 photo SAM_5485_zpsbsutyarl.jpg

 photo SAM_5486_zps284swrnj.jpg

 photo SAM_5487_zpsb65syrta.jpg

 photo SAM_5488_zpszhko733x.jpg

 photo SAM_5489_zpsruk3hwlk.jpg

 photo SAM_5490_zpsdhpbjidz.jpg

 photo SAM_5491_zpsuo5tiqgb.jpg

 photo SAM_5492_zpszwmkdum9.jpg

 photo SAM_5493_zpsn2uiu6fz.jpg

 photo SAM_5494_zpsubv0wzgg.jpg

 photo SAM_5495_zpsnwlmlwu5.jpg

 photo SAM_5496_zpsnhthqdgi.jpg

 photo SAM_5497_zpsz5ibsvkz.jpg

 photo SAM_5498_zpslp5s5svu.jpg

 photo SAM_5499_zpsrot9gxrz.jpg

 photo SAM_5500_zpsn9a1qntq.jpg

 photo SAM_5501_zpsaisnatys.jpg
 photo SAM_5502_zpssihcuxrc.jpg

 photo SAM_5503_zpss23t3kve.jpg

 photo SAM_5504_zpscpligj0w.jpg

 photo SAM_5505_zpslf50kubb.jpg

 photo SAM_5506_zpsbq2qt4vm.jpg

 photo SAM_5507_zpsbcfgk5xy.jpg

 photo SAM_5508_zpsjlt3adva.jpg

 photo SAM_5509_zps4wi0qafw.jpg

 photo SAM_5510_zpstnq8hdnw.jpg

 photo SAM_5511_zpspydajrzp.jpg

 photo SAM_5512_zpstw7yerfq.jpg

Now that was really a special experience. More Antonov´s?.
More Odessa?.
Well, we will see!.

More to come.
Skoro pobachymosya.
The Tripreporter.

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