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Epinal. Never heard of!

Bonne journée,

"Epinal. Never heard of!", the perfect reason to go, isn´t it?.

 photo SAM_9200_zps1bc5sxz4.jpg

The routing:*

Service IG Aviation TE 354 operated by Sky Taxi Poland SP-MRC

Scheduled:  11.20  //  13.05
Actual:  11.25  //  13.10

A well used bird it is, since 15.03.1989 airside with Brit Air, DHC, Air Botnia, Lagunair and finally Sky Taxi Poland

Nothing special is to notice here

And the stats:
Leg no. 1408 at all and no. 8 on the Saab 340A

And here we see the latest visited airports with a new entry, no. 348 for EPL:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

A short visit to the "Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur" it was.
And further out northern side for the
"Aéroport d'Épinal - Mirecourt".
If you need a description for "In the middle of nowhere", that´s a great example. No scheduled service at all beside this one, the airport usually used as a training station by the airlines for touch and go maneuvers.
Just a couple of cows may be disrupted from their important biz producing precious milk for french delicious local cheese.
The next larger train station is in Vittel where the water comes from. An interesting place, sure, but wihout any trains today, thanx to a self written sign at the stations desk, "Staff is on strike". A bus service replaces the train, in theory. The nice lady at the tourist office explains that the bus in the morning don´t show up at all. A taxi, don´t ask how much, saves the way to Epinal from where really the SNCF is running to Nancy and Strassbourg.
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_9196_zpsyl9m3qow.jpg

 photo SAM_9197_zpsrgjoa3w6.jpg

 photo SAM_9198_zpsvkfcxqub.jpg

 photo SAM_9201_zpsxgwjzr9o.jpg

 photo SAM_9203_zpsioasryli.jpg

 photo SAM_9204_zpszrhsrtt2.jpg

 photo SAM_9205_zpsxr22xv2b.jpg

 photo SAM_9206_zpsnhtyvhf2.jpg

 photo SAM_9207_zps7fatzifo.jpg

 photo SAM_9208_zpsqccgjbvg.jpg

 photo SAM_9209_zpsqf01iabh.jpg

 photo SAM_9210_zps2rqcbsyc.jpg

 photo SAM_9211_zpsv72tgzxo.jpg

 photo SAM_9212_zpspbeb11aq.jpg

 photo SAM_9213_zpsynlb1adm.jpg

 photo SAM_9214_zpsieq3z87b.jpg

 photo SAM_9215_zpsmfr2hfo0.jpg

 photo SAM_9216_zpsbwo9fwg8.jpg

 photo SAM_9217_zpssfkqcjyi.jpg

 photo SAM_9218_zpsg0vevrds.jpg

 photo SAM_9219_zps9i9ixj72.jpg

 photo SAM_9220_zpsaete3r1k.jpg

 photo SAM_9221_zpsfbdfyeli.jpg

 photo SAM_9222_zpsypt5xicm.jpg

 photo SAM_9223_zps2jdxwsrz.jpg

 photo SAM_9224_zpsmbl3zfzl.jpg

 photo SAM_9225_zpszbcgzoyj.jpg

 photo SAM_9226_zpslpbf6cba.jpg

 photo SAM_9227_zpsawvoug7m.jpg

 photo SAM_9228_zpsvbdx8w5h.jpg

 photo SAM_9229_zpsyekhwa17.jpg

 photo SAM_9230_zpsds2nnbs0.jpg

 photo SAM_9231_zpsjm4bkeow.jpg

 photo SAM_9232_zpsol1qn7v0.jpg

 photo SAM_9233_zpspqnol7hh.jpg

 photo SAM_9234_zpsskgo76m3.jpg

 photo SAM_9235_zpstfrfsvvs.jpg

 photo SAM_9236_zpsd8e9onez.jpg

 photo SAM_9237_zpslpiwsz26.jpg

 photo SAM_9238_zps6uumv5xg.jpg

 photo SAM_9239_zpsrjntjxtb.jpg

 photo SAM_9240_zpspksm9kca.jpg

 photo SAM_9241_zps5psx9doh.jpg

 photo SAM_9243_zpsonkdjepo.jpg

 photo SAM_9244_zpseeqtbzeq.jpg

 photo SAM_9245_zps79b7oglj.jpg

 photo SAM_9246_zpsso3v4mzh.jpg

 photo SAM_9247_zps5g6qpbfo.jpg

 photo SAM_9248_zpskvyhpnq1.jpg

 photo SAM_9249_zps5ilexo7y.jpg

 photo SAM_9250_zpsr6lgwfow.jpg

 photo SAM_9251_zpspgiu7bjp.jpg

 photo SAM_9252_zpsobgdkizr.jpg

 photo SAM_9253_zpstij4sxqg.jpg

 photo SAM_9254_zps4gwsqmce.jpg

 photo SAM_9255_zpsxxi6qpir.jpg

 photo SAM_9256_zpsu2qeqrqt.jpg

 photo SAM_9257_zpsbhlqdcuj.jpg

 photo SAM_9258_zps9i2nesjw.jpg

More to come.
Adieu. The Tripreporter

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