Samstag, 15. Oktober 2016

A visit to.... Brive


"A visit to.... Brive", now tell me where this place is!.

 photo SAM_9361_zps2uo7infs.jpg

The routing:*

Service Air France AF 5527 operated by HOP/Airlinair F-GPYL

Scheduled:  08.55  //  10.10
Actual:  08.55  //  10.00

This machine is airside since 06.03.1997 with Air Littoral and Airlinair

No special stories are to show here

But sure, the stats:
Leg no. 1413 at all and no. 15 on the ATR 42-500

Here are the actual visited airports with the warm welcomed new entry, BVE and no. 349:

Visited Airports II auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Leaving the "Aéroport de Paris-Orly" short thereafter again for the "Aéroport de Brive – Vallée de la Dordogne".
Definitely a good place to go.
Here are the pictures:

 photo SAM_9350_zpsu6zlalzq.jpg

 photo SAM_9352_zpsno2yk4by.jpg

 photo SAM_9353_zpsqkqdimc9.jpg

 photo SAM_9354_zpsg2lwbcce.jpg

 photo SAM_9355_zps5hsnqmnh.jpg

 photo SAM_9356_zpsk55uspk4.jpg

 photo SAM_9357_zpsvbbgzxnz.jpg

 photo SAM_9358_zpsozjlqbcs.jpg

 photo SAM_9359_zps7yq3kakn.jpg

 photo SAM_9360_zpsocj8tpvp.jpg

 photo SAM_9363_zpsz7fqknvv.jpg

 photo SAM_9366_zpshvicrf0s.jpg

 photo SAM_9367_zpshpbhqlyd.jpg

 photo SAM_9369_zpsg3ss0nyd.jpg

 photo SAM_9370_zpsekbzusm5.jpg

 photo SAM_9371_zpsxgziyd2y.jpg

 photo SAM_9372_zpsoxhe8tpp.jpg

 photo SAM_9373_zpso45kfqvs.jpg

 photo SAM_9375_zps7f11fpbe.jpg

 photo SAM_9376_zpsewf3n85v.jpg

 photo SAM_9377_zpspwj3wit3.jpg

 photo SAM_9379_zpsglmozh1v.jpg

 photo SAM_9380_zpskjgrltwi.jpg

 photo SAM_9381_zpsrho4nnfa.jpg

 photo SAM_9382_zpsb3dy0f3h.jpg

 photo SAM_9383_zpsyuvenuxj.jpg

 photo SAM_9384_zpszu5fvhlt.jpg

 photo SAM_9385_zpsqsfzqaem.jpg

 photo SAM_9386_zps1ciyde8f.jpg

 photo SAM_9387_zpsxctqmnhv.jpg

More to come.
Adieu. The Tripreporter.

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