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Bonjour, dear readers,

there is nothing to talk about these final last legs, isn´t it?:*

Thanx to, once again:

Friday, 21.02.2014

ZRH (Flughafen Zürich)
STR (Flughafen Stuttgart)

The video:

Service Swiss LX 1174 operated by Swiss European Airlines
Scheduled:  17.25  //  18.10

Here we see all the visited airports:

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And the previous examples:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

The checked airlines, too:

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And the recorded plane types:

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And here are the visited countries:

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This is the Tripreporter 2013 final data:

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With 2014 to check here:

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So, this looks like ok here and also a view for the LX lounge sounds possible
 photo FRANFEB14220_zps91057fec.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14221_zps1c4a38f8.jpg
Gate 58 it is.
No rain, good so far with apron boarding
 photo FRANFEB14222_zpsed3c9bfe.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14223_zps150ba648.jpg
This is HB-IXO, called "Ottoberg", the Avro RJ100 like on schedule.
New to the log it is and leg no. 17 on type.
In the air and around with Crossair, Swiss and Swiss European since 27.05.1996.
20 examples are in the actual fleet.
Here are two short stories:
 photo FRANFEB14224_zpsce83ab0a.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14225_zpsb1b6e370.jpg
5.55 pm what means 30 minutes late and also 30 minutes to go by "Euroswiss" from
the 2500 meters runway "Two-Eight".
6 degrees and rain here at the "Flughafen Zürich".
Service this way
 photo FRANFEB14226_zpsad0dbd11.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14227_zps746b582c.jpg
A nice welcome from the flightdeck earlier. The whole crew is introduced by name. There are 2 "Captain´s" and one FO, also the pilot flying, at the front office this time. We see also one missing pax with bag offloading action and therefore missed the departure slot.
Traffic restrictions are also in place.
No route or flightlevel info.
45.00 Euro´s changed from my credit card to the Swiss account to fly this way.
The cabin is fitted with dark grey leather seats, good legroom and it´s clean so far
 photo FRANFEB14228_zpse43cc58d.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14229_zps969cc8f1.jpg
Call it a healthy load with biz fully booked and just 2 open seats in eco according to nice talking with the also nice FA during boarding.
There are two male FA´s on this service, both elder and nice.
Well, 19A and two for me sounds good,
especially today.
Yes, the safety card
 photo FRANFEB14230_zpse352385d.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14231_zps686fe34f.jpg
Trust me, well loaded it is
 photo FRANFEB14232_zps8b2814fc.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14233_zps5112c12b.jpg
Where we are coming from
 photo FRANFEB14234_zps2c11046c.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14235_zpsfc793e50.jpg
Till where we are going
 photo FRANFEB14236_zps477f4b27.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14237_zps8880308e.jpg
Touchdown at "Two-Five", welcome back to the "Flughafen Stuttgart" at 6.30 pm, 20 minutes late,  6 degrees and cloudy it is.
Well, the car is where it should be,
waiting for me.

Here are the conclusions:
1.)BA CityFlyer LCY-CMF: Welcome to a cozy flight, like the FA called it.
2.)Swiss GVA-ZRH: A bumpy ride above the alps.
3.)Swiss European ZRH-STR: Comfy for the homebase.

Always these questions. And now?.
What about fine greece dining?:
 photo GRFEB2014061_zps32d7b9a9.jpg

Au revoir, take care.
The Tripreporter

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