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Bonne journée, dear readers,

is this really the right direction for France?.
Well, we will see!:*

Thanx to once more:

Thursday, 20.02.2014

DUS (Düsseldorf Airport)
LCY (London City Airport)

The video:

Service British Airways BA 3274 operated by Eastern Airways
Scheduled:  13.20  //  13.40

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Some quality lounge time to follow, sure, with the Hugo Junkers place.
This ticket is fixed with BA directly,
the fare is 65.00 Euro´s.
OLCI works and also the BP is homeprinted just to stay airside here.
And down for the very groundfloor it is to catch the flight from gate B42, passport cecked at the gate and the agent decided for the very first time that my bag doesn´t fit in the cabin.
Come on, this cute small black bag togehter with all these big heavy carry on´s down in these dark, cold baggage compartment?.
Hah, no way, definitely not!
 photo FRANFEB14021_zpsf3d32995.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14022_zps902b3a36.jpg
Under the wing, you know, with
G-DCEB, the Saab 2000 like on schedule,
no individual name to see.
Leg no. 7 on type and a new entry to the log it is.
In the air from 30.04.1996 with Crossair, Saab itself and finally Eastern. 9 Saab´s are in the Eastern fleet.
There are no stories to show here
 photo FRANFEB14024_zps9f09784e.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14025_zpsa67b5ecb.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14026_zpsd6283df2.jpg
Ok, it looks like more British than Eastern!
 photo FRANFEB14027_zps302fe411.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14028_zpsf2b8a4e1.jpg
The engine and it´s true,
BA goes prop these days
 photo FRANFEB14029_zps19516dc3.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14030_zpsfaf23702.jpg
It looks like good with these colours, isn´t it?
 photo FRANFEB14031_zpse50758e9.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14032_zps29a122ce.jpg
1.20 pm, ontime to leave the "Düsseldorf Airport". 1.00 "Eastflight" hours from the 3000 meters "Two-Three-Left" at 8 cloudy degrees.
The cabin down the aisle
with the dark blue well used leather seats
 photo FRANFEB14034_zpse45bc820.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14035_zps4ba73594.jpg
18D, the last row for me with
the ceiling and the ok style legroom
 photo FRANFEB14036_zps01148ecc.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14037_zps7dddbf39.jpg
The load is 90%, mostly biz.
Cockpit crew is from the UK with a nice and detailed welcome on the ground english style, like it.
Routing is via BRU.
Ok, ok, but Lagos, really?
 photo FRANFEB14038_zps33b8ce4a.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14039_zps3262043d.jpg
Cabin crew is one elder woman, nice.
Love the cookies, more please,
plus free drinks
 photo FRANFEB14040_zpsa94e665c.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14041_zpsc9568653.jpg
Where is the sun?. Not at the "London City Airport".
Touchdown at the 1508 meters "Two-Seven", 1.30 pm, ten minutes ahead to schedule and 12 partly cloudy degrees
 photo FRANFEB14042_zpsd2f27c71.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14044_zps91a416c2.jpg
No, retro, never ever!
 photo FRANFEB14045_zpsd04d1dd9.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14046_zps91a0afd9.jpg
The prop close up
 photo FRANFEB14047_zpsf6b45c0c.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14048_zps035548b1.jpg
Tough job, but it works, under the wing, you know!
 photo FRANFEB14049_zps8a5ef265.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14050_zps66621b39.jpg
Some blue in between the clouds
 photo FRANFEB14051_zpsb6b44448.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14052_zps1471a881.jpg
That´s what I like at LCY and onwards for the Travellodge just around the corner
 photo FRANFEB14053_zps1e7b70ae.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14054_zps0d5bf6c1.jpg
Sure ok at budget standards
 photo FRANFEB14055_zps70039da5.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14056_zpsa9931554.jpg
What should you do in such a "boring" city like London in the early afternoon?. Better to stay at the hotel and try to catch some sleep!.
Ahem, no chance to sleep with all these terrible noisy planes coming and going!.
And now?. Bank, nothing for me!
 photo FRANFEB14057_zps8ac127ba.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14058_zpsce6762a7.jpg
Emirates, what´s this?
 photo FRANFEB14059_zpsda8116d3.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14060_zpse9f23faa.jpg
Sounds like a special flight, isn´t it?
 photo FRANFEB14061_zps354151a8.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14062_zps06b246f7.jpg
Ok, ok, I should change my location this way and always these noisy planes above!
 photo FRANFEB14063_zps87b451b1.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14064_zps0f9b098d.jpg
And this is really London, not Austria?
 photo FRANFEB14065_zps2bc5f5f5.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14066_zpsc2c11af9.jpg
Well, so it looks like
 photo FRANFEB14067_zps47d4fd7e.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14068_zpsbea57e1f.jpg
Roma or the Private Suites?
 photo FRANFEB14069_zps705772ac.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14070_zps6ee40e40.jpg
Just departed
 photo FRANFEB14071_zps000865d7.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14072_zpsecd30c8a.jpg
Bye now to London
 photo FRANFEB14073_zpsbc17fd90.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14074_zpsf88c967d.jpg
On the way for, well, London!
 photo FRANFEB14075_zpsa0125c2c.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14076_zps058c4fce.jpg
Steep it is
 photo FRANFEB14077_zps0a4a53f9.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14078_zps228fd5c8.jpg
And boy, shaky it is!
 photo FRANFEB14082_zps1fcac477.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14083_zps9a98dbef.jpg
No I´am not angry this way, I simply count on god and british engineering
 photo FRANFEB14084_zpsa452f7cd.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14085_zpse29e9113.jpg
For finals and touchdown
 photo FRANFEB14086_zpse2e86875.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14087_zps213d4154.jpg
A flightdeck visit maybe?
 photo FRANFEB14088_zps9d7d15b0.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14090_zpscd6df7e7.jpg
The engine
 photo FRANFEB14091_zpsdef5590e.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14092_zps63ba7c80.jpg
I recommend a night in this "boring" city in any case!
 photo FRANFEB14093_zpse0fa168b.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14094_zpsbf7ecda1.jpg
Along these small waters
 photo FRANFEB14095_zpsa1391121.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14096_zps1042eed5.jpg
Maybe above the bridge?
 photo FRANFEB14097_zpsd450ff40.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14098_zps20f8e0ce.jpg
Up for the castle or maybe down for the underground?
 photo FRANFEB14099_zps04e77452.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14100_zps61170974.jpg
Ahem, are you sure, there is really no other way to go?
 photo FRANFEB14101_zps71e8a33a.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14102_zps9c38dfc9.jpg
I should better read my newspapers local style, there is simply nothing interesting to see from above
 photo FRANFEB14103_zpsbe41bf3c.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14104_zps23a967e7.jpg
Just the everynight lights, nothing special at all!
 photo FRANFEB14106_zpsc8b96e4f.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14107_zps35e8d493.jpg
Or wait, I should take a nap right now!
 photo FRANFEB14108_zps05437e0f.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14109_zpsf35449d7.jpg
The final view before I close my eyes
 photo FRANFEB14110_zps24257b79.jpg
I don´t know how but not that long thereafter I´am back at the hotel. Or was it a dream maybe?.
Anyway, short nights, now that´s nothing new to me or should I better just to minimize the risk of missing the flight tomorrow or this morning stay away from the comfy bed at all?.
Hah, no way, I´ve never oversleep, never ever!

 photo FRANFEB14122_zpsf4552199.jpg

Here are the conclusions:
1.)Airberlin STR-DUS: The relaxed way to start the trip.
2.)Eastern Airways DUS-LCY: Good to see the Saab up and running.

A bientôt, take care.
The Tripreporter

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