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everything ok with the further flights?.
Well, we will see!:*

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Friday, 21.02.2014

GVA (Aéroport international de Genève)
ZRH (Flughafen Zürich)

The video:

Service LX 2811 operated by Swiss
Scheduled:  14.40  //  15.30

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A long line of waiting people at the LX ticket desk. What about to try my luck at the Star Gold Check-In counter?.
Sounds like a good idea and especially without luggage. The lady swiftly rebooked me for the earlier service, delayed, but that fit´s perfectly right now.
Security takes a little bit more time than usual, but it works in the end and you know this is Switzerland also with no other visible sign!
 photo FRANFEB14191_zpsb8ee05aa.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14192_zps758e061e.jpg
Gate A3 it is, no chance to visit the lounge here.
Call me "Bulach" HB-JLQ, an A320 it is and that´s also what the schedule later told me.
Leg no. 113 on type and new to the log.
With Swiss since 20.04.2011, 23 planes on type are in the fleet and there are no stories to show here
 photo FRANFEB14193_zps7cbec7c4.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14194_zpsfe5cbbd6.jpg
These clouds are definitely low here
 photo FRANFEB14195_zpsb7c1f82d.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14196_zpsd25d76eb.jpg
Dislike these tinted windows but I like the names this way
 photo FRANFEB14199_zps9794a326.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14200_zps8cdfdf7a.jpg
3.15 pm, 35 minutes late and also 35 minutes to go from the 3900 meters runway "Two-Three".
6 cloudy and wet degrees after the latest rain shower.
The ticket ix fixed with Swiss itself and the fare is 45.00 Euro´s.
The swiss "Pilot" with a nice welcome during boarding and an delay apologize. A couple of rebookings as the result and once again short inflight. Routing is via Berne at maximum 26000 feet
 photo FRANFEB14201_zps911fc466.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14202_zps4cd0f803.jpg
Cabin crew is all female, one senior, nice, one younger, brown hair, ok, one younger ok and one young woman, well what should I say?. Large, well built, short blonde hair, ever smiling, really nice.
Up for a sharp turn just above the airport
 photo FRANFEB14203_zps691963b0.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14204_zps35b0b837.jpg
And some lakeside views
 photo FRANFEB14205_zps34d57ebc.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14206_zps23505aed.jpg
And also for the cabin with the dark grey leather seats, good legroom and perfectly clean it is. 36F for me
  photo FRANFEB14207_zps3c865ab9.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14208_zps1dba68b6.jpg
Legroom is ok here and for a view to the seats
 photo FRANFEB14210_zps37d83cd8.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14213_zps443b0c0c.jpg
Well, Saint Petersburg, why not?
 photo FRANFEB14214_zps6f65aa85.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14215_zps8e796fbd.jpg
Just by surprise and also with this huge number of people at the counter. There are a good number of open seats here. It seems they are to slow to catch this service.
60% biz and others well mixed
 photo FRANFEB14216_zps6fda4fa6.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14217_zps8d50bf11.jpg
The "Flughafen Zürich" it is soon thereafter. Touchdown at the 3300 meters runway "One-Four" at 4.00 pm, 30 minutes late at 6 cloudy degrees
 photo FRANFEB14218_zps66ff4bb6.jpg
 photo FRANFEB14219_zpsa73014c9.jpg

ZRH really reached and there is just the usual last leg to go!.
The Tripreporter

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