Sonntag, 7. Januar 2018

The Atlantic and you and me


"The Atlantic and you and me", well, if they say so!.

 photo SAM_4136_zpsdypfchak.jpg

The routing:*

Service SATA Air Acores SP 105 operated by CS-TRG "Santa Maria"
Scheduled:   15.50  //  16.20
Actual:   15.55  //  16.20

Original we are, with SATA Air Acores since 11.03.2010

Nothing special is to show here

But definitely, the stats:
Leg no. 1590 at all and no. 65 on the Dash 8-400

And the early 200 visited airports are here:

Visited airports auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Not that long, but long enough at the
"Aeroporto João Paulo II".
Heading out for the
"Aeroporto de Santa Maria"
and the island of Santa Maria. Something special?. Now we will see!.
Sure, with a couple of pictures:

 photo SAM_4115_zpsjhqjcsn1.jpg

 photo SAM_4116_zpstll2nkld.jpg

 photo SAM_4117_zpsxjmio8os.jpg

 photo SAM_4118_zpsnntknjpp.jpg

 photo SAM_4119_zpsjifybbyk.jpg

 photo SAM_4120_zpstgftsmgz.jpg

 photo SAM_4121_zpskgn4mtjt.jpg

 photo SAM_4122_zpsldlekk82.jpg

 photo SAM_4123_zpsgoyduduz.jpg

 photo SAM_4124_zpsocb7jbkx.jpg

 photo SAM_4125_zpsd21crkro.jpg

 photo SAM_4126_zpsmbyhbyf3.jpg

 photo SAM_4127_zpsivj30pg1.jpg

 photo SAM_4128_zpsgyxzdyk6.jpg

 photo SAM_4129_zpsueogfczm.jpg

 photo SAM_4130_zpsmgcv7oen.jpg

 photo SAM_4131_zpsdqrznjlc.jpg

 photo SAM_4132_zps8x3o9gno.jpg

 photo SAM_4133_zpsqkxerwry.jpg

 photo SAM_4134_zpslivgtwhz.jpg

 photo SAM_4135_zpssvdezkja.jpg

 photo SAM_4137_zps0jeuzsew.jpg

 photo SAM_4138_zpsa9z2sere.jpg

 photo SAM_4139_zps8vvlwavx.jpg

 photo SAM_4140_zpsduzf55f8.jpg

 photo SAM_4141_zpsuaebybj3.jpg

 photo SAM_4142_zpsjqpxaw0t.jpg

 photo SAM_4145_zpspvvip0ph.jpg

 photo SAM_4146_zpsfkqclz9j.jpg

 photo SAM_4147_zpstus76g2q.jpg

 photo SAM_4148_zpssi9ow5dj.jpg

 photo SAM_4149_zps3m0dzev3.jpg

 photo SAM_4150_zpsmkpphz3e.jpg

 photo SAM_4151_zps7aho1gwu.jpg

 photo SAM_4152_zpszxbltjlw.jpg

 photo SAM_4153_zpsttvqxm5j.jpg

 photo SAM_4154_zps9iaqfpzy.jpg

A short hop it was for the next sunny island. Call it warm welcomed this way!.

More to come.
Até então.
The Tripreporter.

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