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"Yes, Sir. On the military track!"

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The trip in one word:


God dag, dear readers,
wintertime is gone, at least according to the calendar. What also means looking a bit northern side for more flying, maybe this way:*

Thanx to once more:

Ok, the last one was also not really southern side!.

Here are the vids:

Friday, 28.MAR.2014

STR (Flughafen Stuttgart-Manfred Rommel)
CPH (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup)

The vid:

Service SK 668 operated by SAS Scandinavian Airlines
Scheduled:  06.10  //  07.40

Here are 200 visited airports:

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And just a couple more:

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The checked airlines, maybe?:

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And the recorded plane types, too:

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The visited countries:

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The Tripreporter 2013 data it is:

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What about 2015?:*

A tad early, so it feels like this morning, but well, there is some flying ahead. And that means it´s never ever to early. Ok, ok, I know, theory and practice!.
The fare is 66.00 Euro´s managed by
The "Flughafen Stuttgart -
Manfred Rommel Flughafen" welcomed me for a view to the screens, arrivals and also departures
 photo DANMARKMAR2014001_zpsdcf34ab1.jpg
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Just a couple of minutes around security, for the Star lounge and the gate 162 later on, till a bus does what it usually does, shuttle us for the plane!.
This is "Hardeknud Viking" OY-KFK, the CR9 like on schedule. Leg no. 24 on type and new to the log it is.
Spend the night here at the airport and now heading back for the homebase
 photo DANMARKMAR2014003_zps12f76835.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014004_zps671f4067.jpg
Delivered at 04.10.2009, all the time with SK, 11 examples are in the fleet.
A well known machine, so it looks like:
 photo DANMARKMAR2014005_zps5209b29d.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014006_zps1c0da263.jpg
6.15 am it is for "Scandinavian", short after schedule, 1.10 hours ex runway "Zero-Seven". For the fresh, clear sky and zero degrees.
But no rain or snow, that´s most important
 photo DANMARKMAR2014007_zps4ae85718.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014008_zpse2237183.jpg
Cockpit crew is from Scandinavia, the four-striped-guy with a nice and detailed welcome during boarding and once again inflight later on in a nice style.
No route or flightlevel info at all.
Cabin crew is two female FA´s, one elder, large, nice, one younger, large, too and nice also too!.
Service is free water, coffee, tea
 photo DANMARKMAR2014009_zpsdb5b3644.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014010_zps92036f05.jpg
Blue fabric seats and the legroom is ok.
Load is close to 100%, mostly biz on the way but two for me in 24A, the last row window and yes, there is a window here, but not at the other side of the cabin
 photo DANMARKMAR2014011_zps18449b8b.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014012_zpsafdeb11b.jpg
Paris, ok, if you send me this way!
 photo DANMARKMAR2014013_zps3919177c.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014014_zps2c647642.jpg
Just a couple of minutes later, so it feels like we are at "Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup" and the 3600 meters runway "Zero-Four-Left".
07.30 am, 10 minutes ahead to schedule, 5 degrees and high clouds
 photo DANMARKMAR2014015_zps451e27d8.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014016_zpsdc5f4dcf.jpg
To board the red bus for Greenland, or maybe another time!
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 photo DANMARKMAR2014018_zps12734afe.jpg
Yes, it looks like definitely interesting
 photo DANMARKMAR2014019_zpscdd4ad64.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014020_zpsd8167302.jpg
In the terminal and for a view to the apron with these machines, just for example
 photo DANMARKMAR2014021_zps037a1b8e.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014022_zpsb04ebd25.jpg
Talking about interesting planes!
 photo DANMARKMAR2014023_zps20de26f9.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014024_zpsfdff16ab.jpg
Ok, ok, let´s go for.....
Patience, please!.

The Tripreporter

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