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God dag, dear readers,

here we are again with something more danish style!:*

Thanx to once again:

Friday, 28.MAR.2014

CPH (Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup)
SGD (Sønderborg Lufthavn)

The vid:

Service 6I104 operated by Alsie Express
Scheduled:  11.20//12.00

Here are the early 200 visited airports:

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The checked airlines:

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And the recorded plane types:

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The Tripreporter 2013 data:

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And 2015:*

Sonderborg sounds good, but not on DAT!
 photo DANMARKMAR2014025_zpsea529a36.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014027_zps45e07abe.jpg
Always these red dot DAT machines, patience please, you never know!
 photo DANMARKMAR2014028_zps16beb345.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014029_zps32e1fed6.jpg
No lounge and no, not en Espagna but yes, the all blacks for me
 photo DANMARKMAR2014030_zps4a651bf8.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014031_zps73a06b21.jpg
Military style, isn´t it?
 photo DANMARKMAR2014032_zps8d8161ce.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014033_zps85d06132.jpg
Looks like good, just my point of view
 photo DANMARKMAR2014034_zpsd8604490.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014035_zpsa333921d.jpg
That´s the one for me, definitely
 photo DANMARKMAR2014036_zps05fdea02.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014037_zpsfde7b7b7.jpg
Not enough time to catch more pictures...
 photo DANMARKMAR2014038_zps63d512f9.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014039_zpsf0f97365.jpg
...till the door at A27 for the apron opened
 photo DANMARKMAR2014040_zps2298d8e9.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014041_zpsbb9eac79.jpg
The sun is back, perfectly ontime
 photo DANMARKMAR2014042_zps84f9195a.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014043_zps82dd9cc0.jpg
Shiny black, really special it looks like
 photo DANMARKMAR2014044_zps0de5373f.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014045_zpscb92cdb8.jpg
Under the black wing, you know!
 photo DANMARKMAR2014046_zpsab4145cd.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014047_zps46dc657e.jpg
No, I don´t speak danish, tak!
 photo DANMARKMAR2014048_zps8584fd32.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014049_zps1e85d9b5.jpg
Cockpit crew is from Denmark, the chief on the tarmac, middle aged, greeting pax and saw me taking one or two or more pictures.
No worries, we had a really nice chat about special colours like this one here and it seems he´s proud to work with Alsie.
He´s on the mike later on with a nice welcome again
One picture more, maybe?
 photo DANMARKMAR2014050_zps87423e7d.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014051_zps72bd41f4.jpg
Ok, this is OY-CLY, no individual name to notice. Leg no. 32 on type and a new entry to the log. An ATR 72 it is, in the air from 21.07.2008 with Azerbaijan Airlines and since 10.06.2013 with Alsie Express, there are two examples in the fleet at all and there are no incidents to report here
 photo DANMARKMAR2014052_zpsc2a49fe4.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014053_zps6ac91df6.jpg
The tix is fixed with Alsie´s website and the fare is 67.00 Euro´s.
Let´s go for a cabin view
Grey, modern style clean seats and I´am in 12F, the last row
 photo DANMARKMAR2014054_zpsdde68881.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014055_zps7272ffce.jpg
The load is just 30 %, mostly biz on the way.
One middle aged female FA working the cabin, really nice and attentive. Service is free water or coffee.
Call it legroom, no further description needed
 photo DANMARKMAR2014056_zps07355931.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014057_zpsb6e6bdb7.jpg
And this is standard, at least on this machine, no exit row or something like this
 photo DANMARKMAR2014058_zpsfb8a7116.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014059_zps914d7482.jpg
The background is easy and fit´s perfectly to my travel day. This is not the standard plane for the route, no this is the other machine, usually on offer for charters
 photo DANMARKMAR2014060_zps92347d3d.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014061_zps644a943f.jpg
"Mermaid", interesting callsign, leaving "Københavns Lufthavn, Kastrup" at 11.30 am, short after schedule, just 25 minutes from the 3300 meters "Zero-Four-Right" at 8 degrees and clear sky for some airport cruising
 photo DANMARKMAR2014062_zps85d887fa.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014063_zps97fc06ee.jpg
Spotless clean it is
 photo DANMARKMAR2014064_zps9bd2fb8d.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014065_zpsa12387e6.jpg
I don´t mind to fly something more like this
 photo DANMARKMAR2014066_zps88521e13.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014067_zps20583106.jpg
Ok, the clouds are back
 photo DANMARKMAR2014068_zpsff8ffc58.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014069_zpscb8dad92.jpg
And yes, they are lower than expected
 photo DANMARKMAR2014070_zps0bd814ab.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014071_zps993577b8.jpg
Is this a float plane?
 photo DANMARKMAR2014072_zps236efb20.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014073_zps1b35e425.jpg
No way, there is also a runway
 photo DANMARKMAR2014074_zps0a584a1e.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014075_zps863688e6.jpg
Just some parts here
 photo DANMARKMAR2014076_zps87231894.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014077_zpsbd8c0c23.jpg
True, this might be "Sønderborg Lufthavn"
 photo DANMARKMAR2014078_zps30f77dbc.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014079_zpsfd31f702.jpg
Touchdown at the 1797 meters "Three-Two" at 12.05 am, short after schedule, 6 degrees and cloudy it is.
Nice staff here and I´am good to go for more pictures
 photo DANMARKMAR2014080_zps4584cec8.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014081_zps4248aee1.jpg
Under the wing, never ever, you know!
 photo DANMARKMAR2014082_zpsb7af37c3.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014083_zpsd0ec7d34.jpg
Leaving the impressive terminal
 photo DANMARKMAR2014084_zpsddaa20be.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014085_zpsddb3d4c2.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014086_zpsb5f27f25.jpg
By taxi, are you sure?.
Yes, there is no public transport as long as you don´t preordered a shuttle van.
Better not talk about the fare, it´s Denmark!.
Ok, let´s go for the city
 photo DANMARKMAR2014087_zps4bd16227.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014088_zpsef45a0da.jpg
And the train station with the end of the line
or maybe the start for me, too
 photo DANMARKMAR2014089_zpsf0cdd19a.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014090_zps64ca1363.jpg
It looks like I´am on the right track via Tinglev and Flensburg for Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof and finally "Flughafen Hamburg"
 photo DANMARKMAR2014091_zpsc9aaf947.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014092_zps275cb838.jpg
It fit´s, at least till now
 photo DANMARKMAR2014096_zpsbfeefa80.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014097_zps120ab91a.jpg
Crossing a couple of bridges
 photo DANMARKMAR2014102_zps3ea0513a.jpg
 photo DANMARKMAR2014103_zpse17f5840.jpg
And believe it or not, just hundred hours later I´am where I should be!
 photo DANMARKMAR2014106_zpsf1b5ef59.jpg

For more flying, maybe?.

The Tripreporter

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