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This dedication goes to airline no. one, best seats in the house, you know!

 photo ESPAGNA032014276_zps54fca8db.jpg

The trip in one word:


"We need the sun, definitely!"

Hola, dear readers,

it´s finally time now to continue with the next trip after some amazing nordic travels.

The vids:

For the lights, please.
And also here, the vids:

Snow and sun, maybe?.
And the vids, too:

Is this really more southern side today?:*

Thanx to also this time:

Thursday, 06. Mar. 2014

FRA (Flughafen Frankfurt am Main)
MAD (Aeropuerto Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas)

The vid:

Service LA 705 operated by LAN Airlines
Scheduled 19.50 - 22.20

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And 2015, maybe?:*

Some silent days around christmas produced this idea!.
FRA is the place to start the trip and the car shuttles us perfectly ontime for Tourcare to spend some relaxed time there.
Onwards for the airport by shuttle to check the screen, the usual biz, isn´t it?.
Ticketing is done by Opodo together with the return, what means 55.00 Euro´s per leg.
Seats are selected online, as ever possible, but it´s anyway worth it to ask for something better during the boarding pass pick up, isn´t it?.
And it´s always interesting to fly intra Schengen with a full passport check, what happened also here.
Commotion around the gate shortly later.
What´s going on here?.
Well, football is not my first profession, but the Chilean national team lost the game two days ago in Stuttgart and now they support the national airline on the way back home. With lot´s of people, mostly women, ahem, asking for pictures and autographs
 photo ESPAGNA032014003_zpsb82a14b2.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014004_zps4a984d03.jpg
Face to face at B46 and no chance to visit a lounge here
 photo ESPAGNA032014005_zps6cdeadf8.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014008_zps07127cc5.jpg
Croatia and Ethiopian also
 photo ESPAGNA032014009_zps511f6824.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014012_zps435e2e5c.jpg
But we decided for this one
 photo ESPAGNA032014013_zpsc044e655.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014014_zpsaa337c82.jpg
And this is CC-BBC, the warm welcomed B787-800, no individual name to notice here, just leg three on type and new to the log it is
 photo ESPAGNA032014016_zps161d322e.jpg
In the air since 07.12.2012, 10 examples are in the fleet right now and there is nothing special to show with the machine here
 photo ESPAGNA032014017_zps9bfbc161.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014018_zps12097045.jpg
Boarding starts pretty well ontime like it should be!.
Leaving the "Flughafen Frankfurt am Main" by "LAN" from the 4000 meters "One-Eight" for the two hours at 7.50 pm, what also means ontime. Clear sky and 12 degrees
 photo ESPAGNA032014019_zpse6e138a9.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014022_zps0e87b8bb.jpg
Special point of view to say the least
 photo ESPAGNA032014024_zps615c7869.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014025_zps50f22a1c.jpg
Ok, time to go now!
 photo ESPAGNA032014026_zps061e08af.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014027_zpsf8bf6096.jpg
Pretty well coloured it is
 photo ESPAGNA032014028_zps7e4b66c6.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014029_zps521913a6.jpg
Any idea about my favourite seat row on a plane?
 photo ESPAGNA032014030_zps7a977b42.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014032_zps647c167b.jpg
Well, maybe the last row?
 photo ESPAGNA032014033_zps81c88459.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014035_zpscdad8156.jpg
Mood lighting, sure with a 100% load
 photo ESPAGNA032014038_zps04eae293.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014039_zpsd2c46670.jpg
Cockpit crew is Chilean. "El comandante" with a nice and detailed welcome short prior to departure and once more short and nice during the approach later on.
Routing is BSL-GVA-LYS-TLS at 40000 feet maximum.
Pretty full it looks like
 photo ESPAGNA032014040_zps79f41033.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014041_zpsd9f51cce.jpg
Something special for us this time?
 photo ESPAGNA032014042_zps0a49a5be.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014043_zpsb603b61e.jpg
The two seater 36A in the last row is usually crew rest area with two fully equiped biz seats, also the legroom is originally biz style.
Trust me with the concerned views from other pax around when we checked all the seat details!.
And also some funny talking with the young and nice male FA serving our seats
 photo ESPAGNA032014044_zps4b20e338.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014045_zps6c045f13.jpg
Not a bad idea to stay here tonight
 photo ESPAGNA032014046_zps55e0ed89.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014047_zpsdccc22a8.jpg
Or maybe just a little longer?
 photo ESPAGNA032014048_zps07ba0aba.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014049_zpsad5fa19d.jpg
And also recline is fully possible
 photo ESPAGNA032014050_zpsf7f9faad.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014051_zpsdf61c130.jpg
On the way
 photo ESPAGNA032014052_zps405165e1.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014054_zpsa36fe448.jpg
It seems there is something missing here
 photo ESPAGNA032014055_zpsada0b3e5.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014056_zps6997d44b.jpg
And much to fast we are on finals for ...
 photo ESPAGNA032014057_zpsad71098c.jpg
 photo SAM_3414_zpsbrakfzpd.jpg
... the "Aeroporto Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas".
Touchdown at the 3500 meters "Three-Two-Right", 10.00 pm, 20 minutes ahead to schedule, 14 degrees, clear sky. Welcome to Espagna!.
Collected the boys lugagge, something more this way to follow, out for the public. Not that long to wait for the shuttle and the room at the
"täCH Madrid Airport"
is prepared for us, good to see
 photo ESPAGNA032014058_zpsf62a71e1.jpg
Time to catch some sleep now
 photo ESPAGNA032014059_zps097af551.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014060_zpsa981a00e.jpg
A short but anyway a good night later breakfast is prepared this way
 photo ESPAGNA032014061_zps40fb64f8.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014062_zps598d379d.jpg
And that´s me
 photo ESPAGNA032014063_zps00ed11f7.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014064_zps4cefe426.jpg
Clear blue sky, welcome, but also time to say goodbye now
 photo ESPAGNA032014066_zps0ba6a1dd.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014067_zpsf9b63057.jpg
On the shuttle back for the airport and the next flight, really?
 photo ESPAGNA032014068_zps600afc06.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014069_zps930ac8de.jpg
No way, back for the next train to Madrid-Chamartin
 photo ESPAGNA032014070_zps3694b901.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014071_zps28354bcb.jpg
And also these strange looking towers
 photo ESPAGNA032014072_zpsb2bdfd7a.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014073_zpsabb515a5.jpg
Renfe it is at 20.00 Euro´s each
 photo ESPAGNA032014074_zps3cb2fd0f.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014075_zpsfe64f0b6.jpg
And now we try to go for the train route
 photo ESPAGNA032014076_zps218dbd1b.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014077_zps235dffd7.jpg
Along a couple of pretty dry looking mountains
 photo ESPAGNA032014080_zps95d2bf3f.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014082_zps08d313a4.jpg
Rural it looks like not that far from Madrid
 photo ESPAGNA032014083_zpseafbfbfc.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014084_zps34c49e9f.jpg
Dry?. No way!
 photo ESPAGNA032014086_zps361b97be.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014089_zpsfbcfd73c.jpg
For Avila
 photo ESPAGNA032014090_zps6f23f0b6.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014091_zps8632c915.jpg
With some snowy mountains in the distance
 photo ESPAGNA032014092_zps9f23e3af.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014094_zpse6c63665.jpg
Close to Salamanca
 photo ESPAGNA032014096_zps87aa1f96.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014097_zps03ce54ca.jpg
How dry it will be during summertime?
 photo ESPAGNA032014101_zps26845a2f.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014102_zpsbadbc0d6.jpg
And finally reached our target to add something new, at least an new and not that easy to catch airport.
Now this is Salamanca
 photo ESPAGNA032014103_zps53236389.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014104_zpsda4158f9.jpg
Just a warm welcomed, yes warm, surprise, remember it´s early March and this fit´s perfectly to our needs
 photo ESPAGNA032014105_zps9e74c1fa.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014106_zps6dd8f68a.jpg
Now that´s exactly what I´am waiting for, out in the sun for a cup of tea, at least what they call hot tea here in Espagna!
 photo ESPAGNA032014107_zpscf8af7db.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014108_zpsfbb8b2e5.jpg
Historic buildings all around
 photo ESPAGNA032014109_zps36955cac.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014110_zps3ca87654.jpg
Tourists?. No, locals only all the way and lot´s of students
 photo ESPAGNA032014111_zpsb28af062.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014112_zpsfc9ad2c5.jpg
There is just the one and only public transport connection for the aeropuerto from the main station. Money saving, you know and that should be no problem to be there on time, isn´t it?.
The taxistas know it well!
 photo ESPAGNA032014113_zps206548fd.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014114_zps1c162474.jpg
More of these historic buildings and the time running faster
 photo ESPAGNA032014115_zps5d49e91c.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014116_zps64cef9c2.jpg
Now that was a real positive surprise here in Salamanca
 photo ESPAGNA032014117_zps79734528.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014118_zps0fd18e8c.jpg
And the blue sky above, lovely
 photo ESPAGNA032014119_zpsd0c24ad3.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014120_zpsb20480e5.jpg
Around the cathedral
 photo ESPAGNA032014121_zps12e6740c.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014122_zpsd2762dec.jpg
The sun is so super bright here
 photo ESPAGNA032014123_zpsbd0548e9.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014124_zpsd913b151.jpg
Sure, this is the way for the bus station. Really?
 photo ESPAGNA032014125_zps155f48a5.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014126_zpsd3e75ea6.jpg
The place for a break
 photo ESPAGNA032014127_zps5f9bd27b.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014128_zps7e1068ff.jpg
Ahem, what about a view for the mobile just to see what´s the time right now?.
So late, really?
 photo ESPAGNA032014129_zps0f060737.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014130_zps992b9dd2.jpg
Powerwalking, please and finally, yes, we made it some 10 minutes prior to departure, at least the bus departure!
 photo ESPAGNA032014131_zpsc6ce5794.jpg
 photo ESPAGNA032014132_zps6f104e59.jpg

More to come, hopefully soon!.
The Tripreporter

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