Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2023


Deaf, blind and people with dementia can now draw attention to themselves more easily at Berlin-Brandenburg Airport (BER). The airport on Wednesday introduced the so-called Sunflower lanyard for people with non-visible disabilities. "In this way, everyone at the airport - the staff as well as the fellow passengers - can be prepared for the fact that these people need support, a little more time or a little patience during their stay at BER," the airport said. The sunflower on the band is an internationally recognized symbol of non-visible impairment. According to its own statements, BER is the first airport in Germany where people can get this band. It is issued at all passenger information desks in Terminals 1 and 2 and at the Mobility Service. For people with non-visible disabilities, it is often a major challenge to move from one place to another or through rooms or places with a lot of people - such as airports. The range of invisible limitations is wide. These include autism, ADHD, cognitive impairments such as learning difficulties, speech, vision or hearing impairments, but also asthma, diabetes or sleep disorders. The Sunflower lanyard was introduced in 2016 as a symbol of such impairments.

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